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Published: November 16, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Polaris announced it is releasing all of its Dota 2 players to search for new opportunities
  • The organization performed well during the competitive season, despite being relatively new
  • The players had received offers from other teams that Polaris cannot match

Against all expectations, Polaris Esports decided to part ways with its entire Dota 2 crew, even though the team scored an important victory a few days ago.

Polaris Releases Its Players

The end of each competitive season marks the point at which esports organizations start preparing for the next one. Often this includes big roster changes, like releasing many players and acquiring new ones. The professional Dota 2 scene is no stranger to this phenomenon, but even so, it’s rare to see entire rosters being released all at once. 

However, this is exactly what Polaris Esports did. The Philipino organization announced on November 15 that it is parting ways with its whole Dota 2 roster. “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the team and players’ mutual separation,” the organization announced on its Facebook page. “It’s not a secret that Polaris Esports is still a relatively young and small organization and as such, we cannot go toe to toe with the financial capabilities of other, much larger, and established organizations.”

Why Did Polaris Do Such a Move?

A common reason for esports organizations to release players is poor performance during the competitive season. However, when one looks at Polaris’ track record this Dota 2 season, one will inevitably scratch their head. The team recently won the Asia Pacific Predator League 2022, so one would expect Polaris is content with its performance.

However, the organization revealed that the reason it’s parting ways with its roster is because the players have already received new more profitable offers, and Polaris decided to respect their choice. Polaris is a relative newcomer to the professional Dota 2 scene, but its players are veterans as the organization picked up the former Adroit Esports roster in late 2021.

During the season, they performed well, managing to earn promotion into Division I of the SEA DPC, and narrowly earned a direct invitation to the Stockholm Major. Considering Polaris’ now-former roster won a big event just a few days ago, and has already received multiple well-paid offers, its players will likely remain together for the next season. 

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