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Published: March 3, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Kyle Freedman, a Dota 2 analyst, discusses the roster change rules for the Dota Pro Circuit.
  • Because of the roster lock system and lack of open qualifiers, Kyle forewarns players to be thoughtful with their decisions
  • Free agents are on the edge as they must quickly find a team lest they miss their chance to qualify for The International 10

Kyle Freedman, a popular figure in the Dota 2 community, sends players a warning concerning the DPC’s roster change rules.

The Roster Change Rules – What Should Players Know?

While there will be no open qualifiers for TI, regional qualifiers will still take place among the participants from the second DPC season.

Kyle Freedman made a blog post that urged players to familiarize themselves with the roster change system for the Dota Pro Circuit. Considering there will be no open qualifiers, the DPC is the players’ only shot at being admitted to TI10. The Dota Pro Circuit is set to take place during the month of April. As players don’t have much time remaining, Kyle advised them to be prudent about roster changes. 

Beginning April 7, DPC contestants will be unable to drop players until the end of Season Two on May 23. After that, teams in the Regional leagues will have almost a month (until June 16) to make any necessary changes. That means players that find themselves suddenly dropped during that time may effectively miss their chance to qualify for The International. 

Concerning that, Kyle sent a warning to players, asking them to plan out any such changes in advance so removed players can have it in mind and find a new team.  

“If replaced during/after Season 2 of the DPC, your only chance of playing in the qualifiers for TI would be to continue the circle of suck and take someone else’s spot on a previously qualified team.”, Freedman said.

Since roster locks will prevent people from leaving a team, anyone who wishes to switch squads should act now.

Free agents also find themselves in a bad position. Players like SumaiLana23savage, and RMZES666 have just a month to build a team and win the Lower Division qualifiers if they are to compete for the $40 million prize pool The International has to offer. Otherwise, free agents’ only glimmer of hope will be replacing a dropped player after DPC Season 2 ends.  

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