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Published: March 25, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • A big update for Dota 2 is coming as the Dragon’s Blood series start airing
  • The goal of the update is to drastically improve new and returning player experience
  • Many systems have been retouched for that ends

As the Dota 2 animated series begins, a wave of new enthusiasts is expected to flood the game. Valve is bracing for the event to make the game more approachable to newcomers by improving the learning experience.

Valve Is Preparing the Game for New Players

The release of the long-awaited DOTA: Dragon’s Blood animated series will bring many of the beloved Dota 2 heroes to life. The series is launching today and will adapt the lore and events of the infamous MOBA game. 

The release of such a large project will inevitably spark new interest in the game. Valve has accounted for that and has announced some huge updates to improve the game’s learning curve. It has called it “a system of steady engagement.” 

The developers consider the discovery element of Dota 2 to be crucial to the game experience but sometimes too harsh on new players. That’s why the update will be tackling that in an attempt to streamline the initial and most crucial information

What Will Change for Newcomers?

Returning players will be put in calibration mode that will calculate for how long they have been absent and make sure to fill them up on what’s new. 

Newcomers may expect a limited game mode where the pool of heroes is limited to make learning easier. Quitting before the end of a match will be a far lesser offense in lower brackets, and it will not be punishable with a long penalty.

Inside live matches, players will be given tips by a teaching “wizard.” It will not only give beneficial suggestions but make sure it warns players to avoid certain mistakes.

Bots moves and AI have also been improved, and a new bot difficulty has been added for new players. Newcomers will also have a chat channel dedicated to them, where they can share their experiences and learn together. It will be accessible when players clean the first few objectives. 

The shop has also received some changes to make it more comprehensible to new players without overwhelming them. These changes will apply to returning players as well and will reduce the complexity of decisions they have to make. More choices will be added as the player progresses until finally, the players can choose to switch to the regular shop.

The new tutorial system will use objectives to guide the players through the most important aspects of the game. New players will be rewarded for completing them. Finally, each character will have playstyle information in their personal tab where players can check for tips on how to play them.

Valve is also working hard to keep the game “clean” by delivering punishments to offenses such as smurfing (when a high-level player plays with a new account in lower skill brackets) and the purchasing and boosting of accounts. 

In the next update, a new hero is coming to the game. However, it will be released after the Singapore Major ends. 

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