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Published: March 16, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Quincy Crew won a hard 2-0 match against Wildcard Gaming
  • Midlaner Quinn “Quinn” Callahan talked about the victory and some of his favorite midlaners to watch
  • The pro also gave his thoughts on the latest 7.31 Dota 2 patch

Quinn from the Quincy Crew gave an interview talking about his favorite midlaners following a hard-fought victory over Wildcard Gaming.

Quincy Crew Wins 2-0 against Wildcard Gaming

After a hard-fought match, the Quincy Crew scored a 2-0 victory over Wildcard Gaming in the opening match of the DPC NA 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division I. Despite the latter being a favorite ((having finished on top of the table last season), their opponent Wildcard Gaming defied expectations and put up stiff resistance. They did this by cleverly moving on the map, extending the games, and making them into a much more even affair. Despite their valiant attempts, however, the Quincy Crew eventually got the 2-0 win, securing an early lead in the NA DPC Div.1 points table.

Midlaner Quinn “Quinn” Callahan talked about the victory after the game ended. “I am happy with winning,” he said, ”but I am not happy with the way we won. But I think that is a pretty standard thing for Dota 2 players.”

Quinn Mentions His Top Midlaners

Quinn was questioned about the mid-players he likes the most or is looking up to, mentioning he always watches NothingtoSay and Abed’s games, stating they are both really good. He expanded the list of mid players he watches with Gpk, Yopaj, and Karl, saying they’re all pretty good to watch. “I think a lot of the teams that you find in the Top 6 of last TI, their mid players are really exceptional,” Quinn said.

“Nisha is really really good at mid too, so it is actually kind of cool that he is back to it so that I can watch his games,“ Quinn added the players from Team Secret to his list. “[This is] not to say that SumaiL isn’t, but I think Nisha is just someone who is a really interesting player to watch,” he explained.

Quinn also commented on the recent changes (or lack thereof) that Patch 7.31 brought to the mid-lane. Many players, like Team Spirit, wanted some very interesting changes for the newest patch.

Quinn seems to also be one who wanted many changes, and it seems he got mostly what he wanted. “I think the Bounty Rune being removed did help. Mid is better than it was [in the] last patch, I think it could potentially still be tweaked further but I think the bounty rune being moved had more impact than people thought it would, me included.”

The player also explained in the interview that he would have removed the two-minute water runes, kept the 4-minute water runes, and have real runes spawn from 6 minutes onwards to get rid of Bottle spamming.

Quincy Crew’s next series will be against 4 Zoomers on March 23, where the team hopes to continue its momentum from its first series and get off to a hot start to Tour 2 of the NA DPC league.

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