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Published: January 19, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Pros have been complaining that they wait very long times to find games in Dota
  • According to them, this is because Valve banned many smurf accounts last year
  • Seleri proposed a solution by bringing back MMR, but with a twist

Gaimin Gladiators’ Seleri and Ace have been waiting long times to find games as Valve’s wave of bans on smurfs has rendered Dota somewhat depopulated.

Seleri and Ace Have a Problem

The majority of the time that sports professionals spend training is done online against other top-ranking players from the wider fanbase of the game. This means that the healthier the player base, the more options the pros will have to train. Deriving from this, one can see that if a studio decides to ban many players en masse, pros might not be able to get the experience they need.

According to Gaimin Gladiators’ support player Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp and offlaner Marcus “Ace” Christensen this seems to have happened to Dota 2 recently. The two have complained that some of Valve’s recent anti-smurf practices have resulted in the players not being able to find matches.

On January 18th, Seleri took to Twitter to share his opinion on the matter and posted a screenshot from a game he recently had with Ace. On it, one can clearly see that the pair have been waiting for over 60 minutes while trying to find a game.

This Is Due to Valve’s Waves of Bans

According to the player, the reason for the issue is that there have been much fewer smurf accounts in Dota 2 recently. Smurfing is the practice where players create secondary accounts to play at a lower skill level. You can see that it’s not particularly fair for other players when a more skilled one is matched against them just because they have a secondary new account.

However, in 2023, Valve took measures against the practice in order to make for a more enjoyable environment for the majority of players. This resulted in over 90 000 smurf Dota 2 accounts being banned by September of last year. Valve continued this campaign in the following months as well, with more than 100 000 such accounts being permanently banned by the end of the year.

Although this is generally a good practice, Gaimin Gladiators’ players Seleri and Ace brought to light the issues they face in the high MMR bracket due to this crackdown. In another statement, Ace echoed his colleague’s words by saying that even after much time of queueing it’s still a toss-up if they end up on the same team.

However, the players also proposed a solution. According to Seleri, the reintroduction of party MMR with a few more additions could fix the issue. The player said that the same matchmaking pool with a completely separate rating system would render it ineffective for boosting purposes.

Considering Valve will likely still prioritize banning smurfing accounts, however, it’s likely Seleri, Ace, and other pro players, will just have to settle for waiting long times right now.

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