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Published: February 5, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The collaboration will see three tournaments hosted every year for three years
  • They will feature 10 teams each and will provide a total of $2.6 million in prize pool across all events
  • It is also a way for the ESB to expand to a global market

Building on an already existing tournament series that the ESB will host, the organization partnered with Qatar Esports Federation to create more activity in South America.

ESB and QESF Sign Deal

As esports grow further, more and more organizations from around the globe get into organizing competitive events. Dota 2’s pro scene will soon see yet more such tournaments as the Peruvian organization Electronic Sports Broadcasting (ESB) has recently announced it is expanding its activities in South America by signing a deal with the Qatar Esports Federation (QESF).

The contract will see both entities work together to create a new league and host three Dota 2 tournaments per year. The partnership will last for at least three years and throughout them, $2.6 Million are set to be distributed, according to esports journalist Pancho Justo on Twitter.

With the big changes that the Dota 2 high-level competitive changes that have been going on during the past few months, the announcement of the collaboration with the two entities comes at a perfect time. Last autumn, Valve abolished the Dota Pro Circuit, which prompted third-party organizers like ESL One FACEIT Group, FISSURE, and many others to take the role of tournament hosts instead.

ESB has been organizing Dota 2 tournaments in 2023 the collaboration between it and QESF is building on already existing infrastructure. Following the successful year, the ESB announced a new circuit for 2024. This has expanded in scope and prize pool after it announced its collaboration with the QESF, which will essentially become the ESB’s main partner for the next three years.

Official Talk About the Deal

With this deal, the Peruvian organization will gain access to a larger market and a window to global expansion. “There is a big space in the Dota 2 and esports scene for innovation and doing great things for the community, not only at the top level of competitive esports, but also at a regional and amateur level,” Said Gonzalo Velasco, CEO of ESB in an official statement.

“The Qatar experience of hosting worldwide top sports events like the FIFA World Cup in 2022, the Asian Football Cup in 2023, and many others, added to its ideal location as a transit hub and amazing infrastructure, places the country as an ideal candidate for setting up our global hub.”

Mr. Faisal Khalid, General Secretary of QESF, reaffirmed these words, noting the commitment of the Qatar organization to support the international esports community. He explained the deal is the first step of a long-term plan with ESB to innovate and push the esports ecosystem forward. “Esports are not only about the best players in the world but about the community and the passion for the game in every player’s heart, that is why we will make fans part of the project, not only spectators.” Mr. Faisal Khalid further explained.

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