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Published: August 2, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • EHOME is temporarily suspending its Dota 2 roster as internal negotiations continue
  • In this context, support player xNova has left the roster and will try his luck at free agency
  • EHOME was one of two finalists in the inaugural The International event but failed to deliver on results in the following seasons

After a rather difficult 2021 Dota Pro Circuit and a few near misses for The International 10, EHOME is scaling down its Dota 2 efforts temporarily.

Talks in EHOME Are Ongoing as xNova Leaves

EHOME is putting a pin in its Dota 2 efforts as the team has decided to move the entire roster out of active duty. That is part of ongoing international discussions between the team and organization with no more details provided.

However, Jian Wei “xNova” Yap has decided to try his luck as a free agent and will be moving towards new competitive outfits by the look of it. However, xNova’s decision has not prompted an exodus of talent with the rest of the roster sticking to their guns and remaining part of the team.

The team will retain Xm, Chalice, Fade, and Sylar while negotiations are ongoing and EHOME decides what to do next. EHOME is one of the oldest Dota 2 esports franchises with the team created in 2004 and competing in the original game.

They have been able to achieve qualified success in Dota 2, having won $3.93 million over the years, with their most notable achievement is finishing second in The International 2011 against Na’Vi in a Bo5 series that was one of the most intense Dota 2 games in history.

An Early Pioneer Befallen By Difficult Times

EHOME was one of the first esports teams to take professional gaming seriously well before Dota 2 events began allocating $40 million in prize money. However, the team hit a slump in recent years and the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit was no different with EHOME placing sixth in the regional league and having a hard time adjusting.

They were beaten by Elephant, another esports team, in the Chinese qualifiers for The International 10 and ultimately missed their chance. A once reputed team, EHOME has been forced to step away and catch a breather, an understandable move given the current level of success.

They are the second big organization in recent weeks to pull the plug on their Dota 2 roster temporarily. TNC Predator announced that it would be stepping out of the competitive ring for a while and

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