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Published: February 6, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Infamous and Beastcoast will face for a second time in this competitive Dota 2 year with BC given a slight edge
  • Infamous did finish Division I better than Beastcoast, but posted more lost games overall
  • We think Infamous may have the better chance despite worse odds to win here and we will be backing them

The DPC SA 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Finals is upon us and Bitcasino already has the odds locked in. Apparently, Infamous is posted as the underdogs at (1.99) against Beastcoast (1.73) for the upcoming bout on February 11. This is somewhat surprising given that Infamous finished second in Division I and pulled in 180 DPC points compared to 120 for Beastcoast.

Nevertheless, Beastcoast has been consistently showing good performance, and that may have signaled the bookies that they are the most likely team to win. Let’s see if this stands to reason.

Odds to Win Infamous vs Beastcoast

  • Infamous: 1.99
  • Beastcoast: 1.73

DPC SA Time and Date Infamous vs Beastcoast

Infamous Betting Preview (February 11, 2022)

The South American DPC has been one of the most heavily contested professional Dota 2 circuit parts. In fact, no one team managed to pull an easy series, apart from the group winners, Thunder Predator. Infamous ended with 5-2 in the series, but it took them almost 20 games to get there.

They won ten and lost eight games, pulling ahead by a thread in Division I. Each series was fought tooth and nail, but Infamous continued to deliver on a great performance. On the flip side, the team did manage to pull ahead and win against Beastcoast in Division I and we think that it’s fair to say that the same scenario will repeat itself here.

Infamous is also a well-established international squad with Michael and Sacred proving quite capable. Accel has been able to keep the squad together, and it showed in Division I. Now, he will have to clear one more challenge as Beastcoast will be looking for a victory in the series.

Beastcoast Betting Preview (February 11, 2022)

So, can Beastcoast bring this one home? This is an interesting question and one that will find its answer on February 11. We do see why Beastcoast maybe actually be slightly better than infamous, judging by the fact that they lost fewer games with ten wins and six losses overall. However, their standing in Division I is 4-3, which means they lost more series than Infamous.

Yet, Beastcoast is posted as a reasonable favorite at (1.73). They have the qualities to make it to The International once again and most likely will. One of the ways to prove that they are capable is to overcome Infamous, but this is where we think the team would struggle. Beastcoast is capable, but they seem to lack something when it comes to playing against Infamous. They almost had them in Division I, but never got a rematch, which is why we can’t tell if Beastcoast is actually the better team now. Perhaps the only way to determine is to take Hokori, which defeated Infamous but failed to stand up to Beastcoast. For this reason alone. We still think that Infamous is the better pick, nevertheless. For this reason, we advise:

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