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Published: February 14, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Team Quincy is posted as the heavy favorite in the upcoming game against 4 Zoomers
  • 4 Zoomers have the makings of a great team and they are likely to win a single game in the Bo3 series
  • We predict that 4Z will be able to stretch the series its full length and go to a third game

One of the two games played during the first day of the Regional Finals will include Quincy Crew and 4 Zoomers. Quincy Crew have come a long way now and they have been able to top Division I with the team posting an almost impeccable result winning six out of seven series.

They won 12 games and lost six, meaning that there were only a few teams that put up any actual fight. In the meantime, 4 Zoomers didn’t do so badly themselves. They won four out of seven series and posted an overall score of 9-7. Clearly, 4 Zoomers have some things to sort out and the odds don’t seem to back them. Let’s take a look.

DPC NA Regional Finals: Quincy Crew vs 4 Zoomers Betting Odds

  • Quincy Crew to Win 1.34
  • 4 Zoomers to Win 3.02

DPC NA Regional Finals: Quincy Crew vs 4 Zoomers – Details (Feb 18, 2022)

  • Date: Friday, February 18
  • Format: Online
  • Watch: ESL Dota 2 (Twitch)

Quincy Crew Odds to Win (Feb 18, 2022)

So, who are Quincy Crew? The team goes all the way back to the 2018/2019 DPC and they have already posted a string of successes. They finished 9-12th in The International 2021, their first appearance at the prestigious event and won the Division I event.

If you were to track their record all the way back to the ESL One Birmingham, the team has won six Tier 2 events, and finished as the runner-ups in the Dota Pro Circuit: S1 – North American Upper Division.

Since that time, they have been able to keep it up. Even though they lost with 2-0 to Evil Geniuses, the team has been dominating the top tiers. They have posted clear plays in almost ten events, and even though their performance in TI10 was a little anti-climactic, we still believe they have plenty more to offer.

4 Zoomers are a great upcoming team, but they are not very likely to make it in Friday’s game, and that is what makes us reassess their chances for the upcoming bout.

4 Zoomers Odds to Win (Feb 18, 2022)

4 Zoomers are set to play one of their hardest games to date. The team has had a patched track record so far, competing in a number of Tier 2 events and pulling off #2 or #4 position in the overall standing. They do have a great dynamic, but this seems to be coming a little short on occasion.

What’s nice about 4Z is that they seldom give up the gun easily. They will play and try win any situation, no matter how desperate things may seem to the uninitiated observer. Their most difficult opponents so far have proven t be EG and Undying (now Team SoloMid) who defeated them effortlessly. However, Quincy Crew is another matter altogether. 4Z managed to pry away a single victory, which is pretty nice. We believe something similar will happen now as well.

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