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Published: February 14, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • DPC CN Regional Finals will see Royal Never Give Up and Aster play a third game against each other in so many weeks
  • Aster is poised to win another game even though both teams have won one game each against each other on January 23 and January 24
  • We have pinpointed the correct score and match winner of the upcoming Bo3 series

Royal Never Give Up will be squaring off with Team Aster on Friday, February 18 as the teams will both seek to advance past the DPC CN Regional Finals. After a fairly strong run in Division I, the teams have had some time to analyze their weaknesses and try and present a stronger front.

Their first attempt to do so comes this Friday. Both Aster and RNG had a fairly similar divisional run, but Royal Never Give Up struggled more, incurring more defeats in the overall ranking. This explains why they appear to be the dark horse in this event. Yet, the series promises to be entertaining as Team Aster is rightly primed to pull ahead in the series. Let’s check it out.

DPC CN Regional Finals: RNG vs Aster Betting Odds

  • Royal Never Give Up to Win 2.10
  • Aster to Win 1.65

DPC CN Regional Finals: RNG vs Aster – Details (Feb 18, 2022)

  • Date: Friday, February 18
  • Format: Online
  • Watch: PWRDEsports1 (Twitch)

RNG Betting Preview (Feb 18, 2022)

Royal Never Give up finished the divisional run with five series won out of seven series played. Admittedly, the team played well, managing to come out of a few tight spots across the series, and ultimately triumphing.

The team could not do much against PSG.LGD, but it’s luckily not playing against the powerhouse in their first game. Still, RNG may be given a better chance of succeeding in the overall series, but they faltered against the sole game versus Team Aster during Division 1, with Aster winning the series with 2-1.

That was the tiebreaker on January 24 and it came a day after RNG defeated Aster with a 2-1 score on January 23. In other words, these two teams have not revealed much about themselves, as their games were a series of tit-for-tat exchanges. Most of the games were wrapped up between the 30th and 36th-minute mark with the only one stretching being Game 3 in the tiebreaker on January 24.

Aster Betting Preview (Feb 18, 2022)

Aster have been able to overcome adversity and they even fought out a single game away from PSG.LGD. Other than their loss to RNG on January 23, the team has had a fairly sterling run. They won five out of their seven series and only lost four games altogether, two of which against RNG in the back-to-back series.

Aster fared poorly in The International 2021, missing their chance to advance due to a Quincy Crew stoppage early in the competition. They did win the Intel World Open Beijing through Overcoming PSG.LGD and then defeating Xtreme Gaming.

Their second place in Division I is to be respected as well. Given the information we have, and our own observations on Aster’s play we feel confident that Aster will continue to run strong in the DPC and bring a victory on Friday.

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