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Published: January 17, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Vici Gaming and RNG will play what could be a highly contested game on Tuesday
  • RNG are given strong odds of succeeding (1.43) to the point where backing them doesn’t make much sense if you are a bettor
  • However, there are at least two interesting correct score selections depending on how much you are prepared to risk

The upcoming battle between Vici Gaming and Royal Never Give up this Tuesday, January 18 at 15:00 pm ET promises to be quite fun. The odds have the underdog and favorite outlined clearly, so we ask if RNG can falter and allow VG fans to benefit from the long odds posted on the team.

To understand whether this can actually be the case, we have to take a careful look at both teams’ performances s so far. It’s worth mentioning that neither VG nor RNG have been able to win a single game against PSG.LGD, which will be the great equalizer here.

Dota Pro Circuit CN Division 1: VG vs RNG Odds – January 18, 2022

  • Vici Gaming to win (2.59)
  • Royal Never Give Up to win (1.43)

Where to Watch VG vs RNG   

  • JoinDota: LINK
  • Time: 15:00 pm ET / 10:00 am +2 GMT
  • Date: Tuesday, January 18

Vici Gaming Preview (Jan 18, 2022)

VG have had a bit of rotten luck so far, getting to play against both PSG.LGD and Aster, who are leading the pack. This means that Vici got to practice against the group’s finest and even though they lost, that is definitely not something to hold against the team right now. As a matter of fact, Vici Gaming has a lot of potentials.

They are sitting 2-3 in the overall standing with five won games and seven losses, which shows that they are able to pressure their opponents into running the full series. Most of the players are also new and they mostly joined after The International last year. The team surely has some calibrating to do, but we feel strongly that we could take a bit of a risk on this game. Let’s see how Royal Never Give Up have fared so far.

RNG Preview (Jan 18, 2022)

Royal Never Give Up are coming out of a 2-0 loss against PSG.LGD so no surprises there, really. However, RNG managed to take out EHOME in a contested 2-1 series, something that Vici Gaming failed to achieve. In fact, VICI lost 2-0 to EHOME, which is one of the reasons why we think RNG will have the upper hand here.

Clearly the oddsmakers support them and seem to think as much. Then again, RNG did falter against LZBS, which aren’t too much of a force to reckon with in these series. RNG are also running a mix of new and established players who are still finding their pace.

Now, we do feel that RNG are really the favorites here, but their victory is not really guaranteed. So, we will pose two betting scenarios here. The first one postulates that Vici Gaming will bag a single game in the series.

The odds seem pretty lengthy. If you do not mind putting down a little more money, you can bet on the correct score for Vici Gaming as the favorite.

Why 2-1 and not 2-0? We really don’t see Vici Gaming stomping RNG. If they do win the series, it would be in a highly-contested series. We will let you use your best call for this one but RNG to win 1-2 at (3.17) is already some pretty solid odds!

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