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Published: March 2, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Leveling in Dota 2 is now easier as players will be getting bonus XP when they level their hero relics, which are now usable in turbo matches
  • Seasonal content includes numerous character sets and a brand new courier skin
  • Players will explore new quests to acquire a fair amount of shards

As seasons change, so do seasonal rewards in gaming. Valve has been diligently trying its best to ensure the Dota Plus subscription service is worth their players’ money. The company now aims to pump up the content to make the initial player scepticism unjustified.

Hero Relics Updated to Boost Received XP

As subscribed players level up relic stats, they will now be getting a bonus reward in the form of hero XP. Relics level up on certain stat thresholds upon which the player receives an on-screen notification and, as of now, an additional XP bonus for the hero as well. Common relics will grant five hero XP per level, and Rare relics will grant 30 hero XP.

Players will also receive a surefire way to avoid getting relic duplicates upon purchase. For the price of 1600 shards for a common relic or 8000 shards for a rare one, players are sure to get a unique relic.

Turbo Matches, Seasonal Treasures, and New Quests

Valve stated that the company knows some people prefer this faster-paced mode, so they haven’t overlooked it. Turbo matches now allow players to use hero relics, which will level up at half the usual rate for normal matches. Thus players can earn a star for the Hero Challenges as well.

No seasonal update is whole without some cosmetic changes players can use to customize their experience. Dota Plus subscribers can spend up some of their shards to unlock cool new looks for BloodseekerWindrangerClockwerkSlarkLichBroodmotherSand KingDrow RangerPugnaJuggernaut, and Magnus.

Players also have the opportunity to get a new cute courier called Mango the Newt.

What good are skins with no shards to buy them? Players can rest easy as a whole set of seasonal quests is coming their way. They can grind through all of it for the total reward of 115,200 shards!

Lastly, the new patch switches the silver, gold, and platinum guild rewards.

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