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Published: October 3, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • China defeats Mongolia 2-1 in the Dota 2 tournament
  • Fans saw a very intense match that was still anyone’s victory towards the third game
  • The last one latest over an hour, showing how close the teams were

The Chinese Dota 2 team comes home with a gold medal from the Asia Games 2023, after turning the tides of battle against the Mongolian squad at the tournament.

China Defeats Mongolia        

Asian Games 2023 Dota 2 have come to an end with a fittingly exhilarating game between China and Mongolia, that saw the former win the match. The Mongolians took the early lead, but the Chinese responded with a few prominent solutions during the second game, to eventually turn the tide and emerge victorious.

Mongolia’s team made an interesting pick in the first game, choosing Dark Willow and Templar Assassin. At least on the surface, these looked far weaker than China’s choice of Ember Spirit and Sven. However, the start was equal, with both teams trading some kills but as Mongolia got its hands on the initial items, it was all over for China. Mongolia mastered the map and teamfights, while China was unable to fight due to the intense damage done by its opponents, losing in 40 minutes.

Having been shaken by their opponents in the first game, the Chinese team decided to draft Phantom Lancer for Ame against a team that had few solutions for the hero late in the game. Despite that, the Mongolians once again started the game well and held the initiative.

However, both teams got stronger on their cores, and the mid to late game saw an intense battle. The Mongolian team chose several items to counter Ame’s Phantom Lancer. However, this was not enough, and the Chinese team slowly, but surely, gained the initiative, to eventually win in the 49th minute of the game.

By this point, fans had already seen a remarkable comeback on the part of the Chinese team, and with the score standing at 1-1, it was still anyone’s match. Game three didn’t disappoint, as viewers once again witnessed arguably one of the greatest from the Asian Games 2023 Dota 2. Mongolia chose powerful laning heroes, while China appeared poised to capture the game late with Phantom Assassin as the carry. This allowed the Mongolians to once again take the early lead after laning and pushed the tempo with Templar Assassin and Lifestealer. However, their Chinese opponents held firm, dragging out the game a lot, but grinding away Mongolia’s energy. It was a slow and difficult game, but thanks to China’s better teamfight positioning and damage output, they eventually turned the tides of battle and won the game in the 65 minute.

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