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Published: December 25, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • It is unknown when he will return or who will be his temporary stand-in
  • Pure has been part of BetBoom’s lineup for more than a year
  • During this time, he had many ups and downs

BetBoom announced that their offlaner Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko will be going on hiatus to “focus on resting and taking care of his health”.

Pure Goes Inactive

Despite the year being almost over, some esports organizations are still making preparations for the upcoming competitive season. Among these is BetBoom, which recently had some roster shifts in its Dota 2 team. The organization announced yesterday that its offlaner, Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko, has been moved to the inactive roster and will be inactive for the upcoming season.

This was announced on BetBoom’s official Twitter account, with the org saying the player will “focus on resting and taking care of his health” during his break. BetBoom did not specify when Pure is going to return to the active lineup, nor who will be his substitute if there is one selected already.

That being said, the next Dota 2 tournament will soon start, so fans would expect to hear more news from the organization sometime after New Year’s. BetBoom will participate in the DreamLeague Season 22, which is scheduled to begin in late February, so it would not be surprising if Pure returns to the main team by that time.

It Was a Packed Year for Pure

Pure’s temporary withdrawal from competitive Dota 2 puts a pause in the player’s career with BetBoom of whom he’s been part for over a year. During this time, he helped the team record some notable moments. That being said, his tenure with BetBoom has not been without its problems.

For example, at the Bali Major 2023, Pure was disqualified from the remainder of the event and BetBoom Team played the rest of the tournament with Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok as its stand-in. The decision to do so was reached when during a match against Tundra Esports, Pure was caught watching the Twitch stream. This prompted the Chinese organization Azure Ray to make a formal request to the officials to have Pure disqualified from the event.

Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like Pure was satisfied to just let things go from this moment. Later in the year, during The International 2023, when BetBoom defeated Azure Ray in game 2, Pure typed a simple question mark (“?”) in the all-chat at the 30:48 minute mark. According to Dota 2 legend Wang “Ame” Chunyu, this was in response to what happened at the Bali Major 2023.

Whatever the reason or reasons for this interaction, it’s safe to say that Pure will not have to interact with other teams, at least for some time. Meanwhile, fans will await more information from BetBoom about who will replace the player on the roster.

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