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Published: December 28, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Xm, Xxs, and XinQ have left AR to play alongside Ame in Xtreme Gaming
  • The trio was crucial for Azur Ray’s success at the ESL Kuala Lumpur earlier this month
  • Rumors started circulating about who will replace the three players

Azure Ray and Xtreme Gaming have the same owner which likely played a huge part in Xm, Xxs, and XinQ moving to the latter organization.

Xm, Xxs, and XinQ Leave

Over the last couple of months, Azure Ray’s Dota 2 roster has been undergoing through quite a lot of turmoil. The organization lost three of its core members following a somewhat disappointing run at The International 11. Due to this, Azure Ray was forced to play with substitutes during the ESL One Kuala Lumpur event, Xm, Xxs, and XinQ, with the trio actually surpassing expectations and leading the Chinese team to the first place.

Unfortunately for Azur Ray, the organization will not be able to play with this successful roster composition in upcoming Dota 2 tournaments. This is because the successful trio has left Azur Ray to go play with Xtreme Gaming alongside Ame, who recently returned to competitive Dota 2 with the organization.

Interestingly, both Azure Ray and Xtreme Gaming have the same owner, which is part of the reason why the trio of Xm, Xxs, and XinQ have transferred to the latter team. It seems that the main goal of this rearrangement is to surround Ame with the best available talent. However, with this roster shift, the former organization is now faced with some challenges as they struggle to find quality players to fill the gaps.

Who Will Replace the Trio?

Not even a day after Azure Ray announced on Weibo that three players were leaving, rumors started circulating about who will replace them. Many fans expected that Lin “planet” Hao, who is currently on the inactive roster of LGD Gaming, would return to Azure Ray. However, he explained he won’t be joining the team and instead hinted at who some of the new players will be, although he withheld all of the names.

“I didn’t join AR [Azure Ray], they found someone else to be their new Pos 4, and I think it probably will be fy [Xu “fy” Linsen],” a translation by CN Dota In a Nutshell on Twitter reads. “To be honest, if they can get fy in the team then of course they won’t ask me to join them.”

Planet also hinted that AR’s new midlaner is a streamer, which prompted many to speculate about the potential return of either Lu “Somnus” Yao or Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun. That being said, Planet also talked about Nicholas “zeal” Lim who recently suggested that the new offlaner for Azure Ray could be Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida.

At the end of the day, Azure Ray still has a lot of work to do before they complete a full roster for the upcoming Dota 2 season.

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