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Published: June 4, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Valve forced Team Nigma and Team Secret to replay an AniMajor game
  • The original game was scrapped due to a server crash 
  • Valve’s controversial choice sparked a conversation for the return of the replay takeover feature

As a server crash ruined a game between Team Secret and Team Nigma, Valve vetoed a replay. This sparked a heated discourse in the community about the need for a reload game feature. 

A Game Between Nigma and Secret Had to be Replayed

As the AniMajor progressed through its Wild Card stage, an issue arose – one that may arise once again if no action is taken. The problem was due to a server crash that occurred during a game between Team Secret and Team Nigma. As Dota 2 currently lacks a reload game function, the game was effectively lost.

There was a debate on how the game should be restored. Team Secret proposed to completely remake the game with new drafts. However, Valve stepped in and vetoed the same draft, lanes, and starting items. 

Valve’s decision was scrutinized by the community as it completely unbalanced the situation. Nigma was originally winning the game, but the replay put them at a disadvantage. Fans considered this to be unfair to the team as they thought Nigma, which was in the leading position, should have had the right to choose whether to continue with the same settings or redraft. 

Although Nigma eventually won the match with 2-1, the team lost the replayed game. This sparked a heated discourse in the community about the lack of a game restoration feature. If Nigma hadn’t won the last tiebreaker game, this remade game would have cost them the win and the chance to come on top of the AniMajor. 

The Community Objects to the Lack of a Restore-Game Function 

People turned their gaze at Valve, wondering why the replay takeover feature wasn’t kept when the game moved to Source 2. If the feature wasn’t removed, the situation at hand would have had a much easier solution for everyone involved. 

Popular Dota 2 analyst Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen, who is deeply invested in the game, emphasized that 130 games have been reloaded in Dota 2 esports – 80 more than he originally estimated. Some of them have had to be remade more than one time. 

People are now concerned as the lack of such a crucial feature as the option to restore a game is proving to be highly dysfunctional and harmful to both the community and the involved teams. 

Another Dota 2 analyst Alan “Nahaz” Bester, noted that the same thing might very much happen during The International 10. According to Nahaz the very thought of a $40 million tournament that doesn’t have a secure way to avoid crash-related issues is outrageous. 

The AniMajor in Kiev just concluded its Wild Card state. Team Nigma and Vici Gaming will advance to the group stage while Team Secret, Invictus Gaming, Execration, and Monaco Gambit have been eliminated. 

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