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Published: October 7, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Esports organization Alliance has apparently leaked the schedule for DPC 2022
  • According to their report, the next season will start this November and will have three Majors
  • The news is yet to be confirmed by Valve or any official DPC-related outlet

Alliance has put forward an approximate schedule for DPC 2022 that promises three Majors instead of two.

Three Majors Coming in 2022

Elite esports organization Alliance has leaked an approximate schedule for the upcoming year’s Dota Pro Circuit. Unless proven wrong, this is hot news as neither Valve, nor any other DPC-related outlet has spoken about it.

The esports organization believes that the next DPC season will start in the late autumn 2021, around November 29. The biggest news in Alliance’s release is that 2022 will reportedly add a third Major event, building on this year’s two.

The 2021 season was allegedly planned to also have three league seasons, followed by three Major events but that never happened. This is likely because of health concerns surrounding the global COVID-19 epidemic. However, now that the Dota Pro Circuit has adapted to the circumstances, it isn’t entirely out of the question to see its next season adopt a format with three Majors.

Alliance’s Schedule Implies TI Will Remain in October

The release is quite intriguing but should be taken with a grain of salt as it hasn’t been at all confirmed by Valve. Alliance notes that most of those dates are just approximations of the real dates Valve will pick. Obviously, even if Alliance is right, everything is still subject to change as it isn’t unheard of for an esports event to get delayed or canceled.

With that in mind, here’s a peek at their proposed schedule:

  • League 1: Nov 29th – Dec 22nd and Jan 5th – Jan 23th (Christmas/New Year’s break in the middle)
  • Major 1: Feb 17-27
  • League 2: Mar 14th – Apr 24th
  • Major 2: May 11th – May 21st
  • League 3: June 6th – July 17th
  • Major 3: Aug 4th – Aug 14th

According to its own words, Alliance is pretty confident about the leagues taking place along those days is unsure about the Majors’ dates, as the latter are the only ones marked as estimates.

This schedule reveals more than is apparent at first glance – with a Major in August, it’s unlikely that The International will be held in the same month. It’s either pushed for late September or will take the lead of this year’s edition and adopt October as its new timeslot. Alliance commented on that, saying that The International is confirmed for “spooky seasons”.

Valve should be releasing the official news about the next season during this year’s TI10. It will be curious to compare with Alliance’s release and see if the team was right after all.

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