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Published: January 5, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • A new exploit allows Dota 2 players to micromanage summoned creeps by altering some game files
  • Tickles’ head coach fears this might break the game and contacted DreamHack to see if this is legal
  • It is still unknown whether this file alteration will be banned or not

ImmortalFaith has contacted DreamHack on the occasion of a new exploit that allows players to easily micromanage summoned creeps.

The Exploit Provides an Advantage to Some Heroes

As long as there are multiplayer games, there will also be people who try to exploit them. This is exactly what team Tickles’ head coach Daniel “ImmortalFaith” Moza fears may happen in professional Dota 2.

ImmortalFaith’s main concerns stem from a recent game file exploit that allows a player to command the Spiderling by altering the game’s files. To illustrate his point, ImmortalFaith showcased a video of Tundra Esports’ off-lane player Neta “33” Shapira. In the footage, originally taken by Tundra Esports’ game against Team Spirit during the OGA Dota PIT Season 5 Europe/CIS, the player picked Broodmother and micromanaged the individual Spiderlings so well that he overturned the game. Since then many people learned of this and started using Broodmother.

Usually, the Spiderlings work as a group and are hard to be micromanaged separately. However, this exploit effectively changes and players can quickly cycle between individual Spiderlings with the Tab button. This is something that Tickles’ coach fears can be possibly game-breaking as it provides a team with robust map control.

ImmortalFaith contacted DreamHack, the organizer behind the European Dota Pro Circuit, and asked if this exploit is legal in esports and whether the event organizers are even aware of it. Tickles’ coach explained that he doesn’t hold any grudge against 33 but fears that this file alteration provides too much of an edge for one of the teams

The Exploit Works for Other Summoned Creeps as Well

As of the time of this writing, DeamHack is yet to respond to ImmortalFaith’s inquiry. However, the talks of the exploit caught the eyes of the community.

Andreas Per “Xibbe” Ragnemalm, a player from the Chicken Fighters esports team, explained the steps for setting up this exploit in detail. He also revealed that this alteration can also be used on characters other than Broodmother and her Spiderlings – for example, the Eidolons of Enigma and the Treants used by Nature’s Prophet can also be affected and micromanaged with the Tab button.

Maria Gunina, the sports director of the HellRaisers esports organization, said that she contacted Valve about this matter. Valve is also yet to respond to the questions.

It will be interesting to hear whether this file alteration will be banned or Valve will go along with it, allowing minion-controlling heroes to shine.

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