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Published: October 18, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • After working to regain his subscribe button and Partner status, dellor announces he will be leaving Twitch
  • The streamer cites “getting manipulated, lied to, and strung along” as reasons why he is returning to YouTube Gaming
  • Dellor blasted Twitch again on stream

Popular Twitch streamer “dellor” announced a return to YouTube Gaming. He claims that the Amazon-owned platform “manipulated, lied to, and strung along” him.

Dellor Will Be Leaving Twitch

Matt Vaughn, better known as “dellor” on Twitch has been one of the platform’s most entertaining streamers. He has amassed many followers with the help of a combination of high-skill FPS gameplay and bizarre yet hilarious on-stream outbursts.

His style of content, although entertaining because of its chaotic nature, has also landed him a few bans over the years, including one that lasted for a year, until it was suddenly reversed. After said unexpected ban lift, the content creator once again wanted to work together with Twitch to get a partnership deal.

He worked towards achieving the two important components of earning money on Twitch – re-earn his Partner status and sub button, but after he did that, he made a surprising announcement that he would return to streaming on YouTube. On October 17 he posted a short video on his Twitter in which he blasted Twitch.

Dellor Blasts Twitch on Stream

He starts his video by saying “I know I’ve said and done some things in the past . . . that definitely warranted punishment,” continuing by explaining “there’s a difference between someone getting punished, and someone just getting manipulated, lied to, and strung along, which is what’s been happening to me.”

He said that he has talked to Twitch and he will be switching back from YouTube Gaming if he can get back everything he had before. Twitch agreed. The streamer continued: “So I streamed for a year on Twitch and the time comes where I’m supposed to get back what they promised, and they tell me that it’s no longer possible.”

This announcement came just a few days after dellor blasted Twitch while streaming on YouTube. “It’s either continuously get f**ked, or put my foot down and say ‘I’m done,’ and move on. So that’s what we’re gonna try to do,” he said.

It seems that dellor is going to quit the Amazon-owned platform for good this time. If he does, he will be one of that wave of massive content creators leaving Twitch. Twitch has not responded to the announcement.

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