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Published: October 22, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • CSL Esports has found five new partners that will power the NACE Starleague
  • CORSAIR, Future, GUNNAR Optiks, Mavix and Metafy will all contribute to the collegiate initiative
  • This will nurture new gamers’ growth and will popularize the partnering brands

CSL Esports’ agreements with CORSAIR, Future, GUNNAR Optiks, Mavix and Metafy will improve the quality of the NACE Starleague with new opportunities for the gamers.

CSL Boosts NACE Starleague With Five New Partners

Collegiate-oriented esports company CSL Esports is strengthening its positions through deals with several new partners. This will elevate its competitive gaming tournament series, the NACE Starleague.

The five new partners are brands that are more or less directly related to gaming and will improve the value of the league. They include the gaming peripherals brand CORSAIR, the fitness brand Future, the eyewear brand GUNNAR Optiks, the gaming chairs company Mavix and the pro gamer coaching service Metafy.

The partnerships will bring new opportunities to the NACE Starleague as some of them will offer special discounts and raffles to students who are a part of the league.

CLS Esports is content with the new partners and their diversity. The company aims to improve gamers’ experience by propagating quality peripherals brands, as well as a healthy lifestyle and coaching services.

A Great Opportunity for Everyone Involved

CSL Esports’ chief executive officer, Rob Johnson, spoke on the partnerships. He revealed that the company’s team is delighted to bring some of the big names in gaming to the NACE Starleague.

 “Each of these brands brings a unique product or offering to the table that significantly enhances the overall experience of collegiate esports student-athletes,” Johnson said.

He mentioned that this partnership not only contributes to the experience of NACE Starleague athletes but also is a valuable opportunity for the partners themselves, as the rising collegiate scene will promote their brands to the next generation of gamers.

The NACE Starleague was formed this year as ? result of the coming together of four big esports bodies: the aforementioned CSL Esports, the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), the turnkey esports solutions provider Mainline and the community-minded event organizer Nerd Street Gamers.

The NACE Starleague began a new age of better-organized collegiate tournaments. The initiative helps for the development of young gaming enthusiasts who will one day become the next generation of professional esports athletes. 

The league’s fall season provided new esports-related opportunities to more than 10,000 students from almost 489 learning establishments.

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