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Published: November 11, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • We have entered the final stage of the IEM Rio CS:GO Major
  • The Champions Stage will be held in the Jeunesse Arena
  • However, the venue seemed surprisingly empty during the first match

Despite the 18K seats in the Jeunesse Arena being sold out, the venue seemed surprisingly empty during the match between Outsiders and Fnatic.

Where Is Everybody?

We are entering the final stage of the IEM Rio CS:GO Major, which will see the likes of Natus Vincere and FURIA clash in an attempt for glory and the lion’s share of the $1 250 000 prize pool. Unlike the Challengers and Legends stages, which were all held in the Riocentro Arena from October 31 to November 8, the Champions are held at the Jeunesse Arena. 

However, despite all 18 000 seats in the venue being sold out, today the arena seemed rather quiet and empty during the first Challengers match between Outsiders and Fnatic. Considering the prominence of both teams, as well as the fact that Brazilian fans celebrated FURIA’s recent victory with loud cheers, it’s surprising not to see as much activity today. 

All of this begs the question – where is everybody? Where are the people that are supposed to fill up the 18 000 sold seats, where are the huge cheering and chanting crowds we saw the other day?

Well, it turns out the lack of a huge crowd that’s supposed to fill the venue, but isn’t, is the ESL’s fault, sort of. The tournament organizer has set up a fan fest outside of the arena and the fans are preferring to stay there at the moment. Considering the atmosphere from the fest seems like a huge party you would see during big football events, it’s no surprise many fans want to be outside to experience the celebration.

Another big factor why many viewers prefer to watch from outside the arena is because of the popular streamer Gaules. He is in charge of commanding the fan fest and he will be there for all matches except FURIA’s games, which he and his fellow streamers have chosen to watch inside the Jeunesse Arena.

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