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Published: December 18, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Vitality scored a sweeping victory against FaZe at the final BLAST tournament of 2023
  • The match was rather one-sided, with FaZe not even recording double-digit rounds won
  • ZywOo was named MVP of the tournament, posting a whopping 1.41 rating

Recording their third BLAST event victory of the year, Vitality won the World Final while swooping their nemesis FaZe in the process.

Vitality Emerge Victorious

With the end of the year approaching fast, so do competitive Counter-Strike 2 events 2. The BLAST Premier World Final concluded yesterday with the French organization Vitality lifting the first-place trophy above their heads and walking away with yet another victory to add to their many successes in 2024.

This victory is the team’s second in a row after the BLAST Fall Final. Vitality faced FaZe in the tournament’s final match, a team whom the French organization has gone up against a few times this year. The two squads’ derby was quite a focal point of competitive Counter-Strike this year. Their most recent moment of facing each other was in October when FaZe eliminated Vitality from IEM Sydney. This means the current BLAST finals were an opportunity for revenge which Vitality gladly grabbed and utilized well.

A key part of the French team’s success was Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut who has been named the Most Valuable Player of BLAST Premier World Final by HLTV and 1xBet. The 23-year-old star player concluded the tournament with an absurdly high 1.41 rating, 0.85 KPR, and 1.49 impact over eight maps. Not only that, but he showed consistency throughout the event, ensuring Vitality’s relatively smooth progress.

It Was a Rather One-Sided Final

Vitality needed just two maps to defeat FaZe, dominating their opponents on both Inferno and Nuke. Despite that, one may be forgiven for thinking that the match would be more balanced, as the first map started with an equal 3-3. However, the French side then gained an advantage that went up to 8-4 by the end of the first half.

Despite the stable advantage Vitality already had, they were not planning to give an inch of ground to their opponents. ZywOo once again performed spectacularly, hitting a 1.59 rating on the map after a four-kill round to help his team secure Inferno with a big 13-5 difference.

Nuke was much of the same, as both teams started relatively balanced, with Vitality showing a slight advantage. However, once the sides switched and they were on the attack, the French side’s momentum only increased, resulting in them winning six out of eight rounds on the attack to make this a sweeping victory, with the scoreboard recording a 13-7 difference.

Following this victory, Vitality goes home with their third BLAST trophy of the year as well as the first-place prize of $500,000.

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