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Published: April 28, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Stanislaw thinks NA CS:GO teams are lagging behind their worldwide counterparts
  • The 29-year-old player gave advice on how NA professionals should conduct themselves
  • He thinks players should learn to accept criticism and build trust within the team

North American CS:GO has not been in the best of states in recent years, and veteran IGL Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz addressed this, talking about ways it could be improved. 

Stanislaw Criticizes the State of NA CS:GO

When one thinks about professional CS:GO, chances are they would be able to name some of the European teams or even the Brazilian ones. Squads from said regions have often been dominating tournaments worldwide and consistently rank among the best teams in the world. In that regard, it seems like North America is lagging, as one does not often hear NA organizations winning important titles very often.

This seems to point to a trend that professional CS:GO in North America is declining. In fact, according to veteran in-game leader Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz, the competitive NA scene is at the “lowest point” it’s been since the middle of the 2010s. In a recent Twitlonger, the ex-Evil Geniuses IGL pointed to toxic egos and quite shocking professionalism as the reason why North American CS:GO is lagging behind its worldwide counterparts. 

What Advice Does the Veteran IGL Give?

Stanislaw gave examples of how CS:GO players used to conduct themselves before 2019, and thinks NA has lost that feeling. “There was an energy in the air that most of us craved. The players were hungry. They wanted to be the best, so they worked hard, and had the right mindset that allowed them to get to the top,” the veteran IGL wrote. 

He thinks that newer players seem to have lost the ability to take criticism, which is downgrading the quality of their gameplay, as they are unable to work on what needs to be improved. “Ego – Drop it. It’s toxic to yourself and everyone around you. It makes you not try as hard as you need to because you think you’ve already got it,” Stanislaw advised newer players. 

“It doesn’t allow you to take criticism which helps you improve. It gives you this sense of superiority and makes you think that you can disrespect other people. Guess what? While you’re sitting there feeding your ego and putting others down, a true winner is keeping their head down and working.”

To add to this point, the veteran IGL also pointed out that newer players seem to not have as much professionalism as needed. He gave an example of seeing many pros being constantly late for practice, which interferes with everybody’s life sometimes. “You don’t respect each other’s time, or anybody else’s. Practice is already scarce, so you better make the best of every second of every scrim because you don’t know how many scrims you’ll be able to get per day,” he wrote.

Finally, Stanislaw talked about how trust is one of the most important things in any team. He argued that organizations are often too quick to change players without giving each of them a chance to improve. He also explained that successful teams have always had a core that has stayed together for years., but both players and organizations nowadays often part ways too quickly, without building anything. 

“Historically, the core of most top teams have been together for a year or more before starting to see results. Every single struggle you go through is an opportunity to grow as individuals and as a group. Only when someone has failed to improve after being given several warnings about the same persistent issues is when you should consider a change,” the player wrote.

Stanislaw concluded his Twitlonger by explaining his own attitude changes and how he wants to become more approachable to create a scene with more than one NA roster participating in world events.

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