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Published: April 25, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The series features a total of 19 new Ancient Egypt-themed skins
  • Each pack is available for $1.99
  • Skins can also be obtained using Event Coins obtained by watching tournaments with a Viewer’s Pass

Valve is releasing one last big line of weapons cosmetics for CS:GO before the game transitions to Counter-Strike 2 later this year.

Valve Unveils New Collection

CS:GO has been a staple of both the competitive and casual FPS scene for more than a decade and it has created a whole economy of weapons skins and other cosmetics around itself. This is also partly because developers Valve have been very consistent in putting out new content for players to grind or purchase. 

With the renewed interest in the game brought by the announcement that Counter-Strike 2 is coming this summer, Valve decided to put out a new large batch of cosmetic items in the game. The aptly named Anubis Weapon Collection gives the game a lot of ancient Egypt-themed vibes, featuring skins with a sandy and emerald aesthetic. Players would be delighted to hear that each package is available to buy for just $1.99 and they do not need to have a key to open them.

Considering the new collection has skins for some of the most popular guns in CS:GO, and its relatively low price, it should be a worthwhile pickup. Here is the full list of weapons that will receive skins from the Anubis Collection:

  • R8 Revolver | Inlay
  • M249 | Submerged
  • XM1014 | Hieroglyph
  • MP7 | Sunbaked
  • AUG | Snake Pit
  • M4A1-S | Mud-Spec
  • SSG 08 | Asure Glyph
  • USP-S | Desert Tactical
  • MAC-10 | Echoing Sands
  • Tec-9 | Mummy’s Riot
  • AK-47 | Steel Delta
  • AWP | Black Nile
  • MAG-7 | Copper Coated
  • Glock-18 | Ramese’s Reach
  • Nova | Sobek’s Bite
  • P90 | ScaraB Rush
  • FAMAS | Waters of Nephthys
  • P250 | Apep’s Curse
  • M4A4 | Eye of Horus

It has been almost half a year since November 2022, when Valve made the divisive decision to change out Dust 2 for Anubis in the Active Duty Pool, so it was probably about time the company added some themed cosmetics to the game. It is likely players will be able to redeem Event Coin challenges from the Viewer’s Pass during the upcoming BLAST Paris Major, which they can use to acquire the new skins.

These Event Coins can be obtained by watching Valve-sponsored tournaments using said Viewer Pass. Fans would vote on which teams will qualify for the next stages. Viewers that answered correctly will have their Event Coin level upgraded. Every next level of the coin allows players to redeem it for one of the collection packages of their choice.

The Blast Paris Major starts on May 8 and will be the last Valve-sponsored event before CS:GO transitions to Counter-Strike 2.

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