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Published: May 5, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The Viewer pass will also give purchasers access to the Pick’Em Challenge
  • All participating teams will have their logos as stickers in-game
  • The BLAST Premier Paris Major starts on Monday, May 8 in the French capital

In order to celebrate the final Major to be played on CS:GO, before the game becomes CS2, Valve is releasing a slew of stickers and a viewer pass through the Steam store.

Viewer Pass and Stickers Released

With just a few days to go before the start of the BLAST Premier Paris Major 2023, CS:GO developers Valve have released a series of in-game stickers and Pick’Em Challenge to hype up the tournament. The company is doing so quite close to the start of the event, but this should not negatively impact sales, as fans are already excited for the last ever CS:GO Major before the game transitions to Counter-Strike 2 in the summer.

Now, every player and team participating in the tournament will have a special sticker with their signature and team logo which can be placed onto a weapon skin in the game. Meanwhile, the Pick’Em Challenge will allow players to try their hand at predicting the results of the Paris Major and work towards the Diamond Coin. Both this and the stickers are available through the Viewer Pass in the second-hand Steam marketplace.

The Paris Major viewer pass will be available for $9.49, while capsules, which are being distributed into three different categories depending on the teams’ Contender, Challenger, or Legend status at the Major, cost $0.95 each. Teams participating in the major get a 50% cut of the proceeds from the viewer pass and capsules, making the sale a profitable one for both organizations and players. In the past, similar sales have amounted to a whopping $70 million in total revenue across the PGL Majors in Stockholm and Antwerp.

The tournament will start on May 8 with the Challengers Stage, which will decide which eight teams will join the ones that have already qualified for the Legends Stage. This will decide which squads will proceed to the playoffs of the Champions Stage, which will be held in front of a massive live crowd at the Accor Arena in Paris.

With the announcement that CS:GO will transition to a Counter-Strike 2 in the summer, the BLAST Premier Paris Major will be the last such event to be held in the current version of the game. The next majors will be held on CS2, with the PGL announcing the first-ever Counter-Strike 2 Major to be held in Copenhagen in March, next year. 

Despite the long wait, the gap between this one and the Paris Major will likely be filled with more third-party tournaments, giving players and fans a lot of content on the new CS2.

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