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Published: May 4, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • CS:GO got a major update on Monday with Valve introducing a stats-tracking tool
  • New game modes and a change to the active map pool have been added
  • The new subscription service granting access to the stats tool costs $0.99 a month

Valve released a big update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Monday, introducing game modes and a new stats tracking feature.

Get a Comprehensive Read of Your CS:GO Performance

Valve revealed a new massive update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at the beginning of the week, introducing the ‘CS: GO 360 Stats’ paid service as part of the announcement.

According to the developer, the subscription will allow you to gain access to several features that build upon the success of Detailed Operation Stats from Broken Fang. The subscription service costs just $0.99 and follows a new trend for Valve to set paid gameplay options for communities while delivering quality content in return.

360 Stats’ implementation is designed to assist players to develop a better understanding of their game, strengths, and weaknesses. Valve argues that its service is able to assess performance much quicker and more accurately than any of the third-party websites that use an estimation of Valve’s API.

Valve is choosing to go up against database websites at a time when they have been honed to near-perfection according to community members. Yet, if 360 Stats is done right, there is an inherent value to pay for the real thing directly from the developer as you can support your community while obtaining worthwhile data back.

Managing Your Subscription, Adding Game Modes

The subscription is available for 30 days or one calendar month. You have free control over when you wish to pay and when you wish to suspend your subscription as Valve has made sure to facilitate the process and it’s all accessible through Manage Subscriptions.

Apart from 360 Stats, Valve is going along with Premier Competitive and Retakes game modes which will spruce up the experience and allow players to enjoy a slightly altered experience. One of the most significant changes Valve has introduced was to replace Train with Ancient in the active map pool, altering the competitive scene a little.

Valve is firmly on top of the development process of its flagship shooter game, notwithstanding a few minor bugs that have persisted over the years.

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