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Published: June 7, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Valve’s efforts to put a stop to fraudulent activities come short
  • The company, therefore, asked the community to join the effort
  • Valve asks players to be more attentive to illegal practices and to immediately report them

Despite Valve’s best efforts, the plague of CS:GO cheaters and boosters is far from cured. 

Valve’s Continuous Attempts Fail to Fix the Issue

Video game developer Valve has been on a long crusade to clear all fraudulent activity from its first-person shooter title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It led whole campaigns against cheaters and boosters and banned thousands of accounts. However, the company’s hard work seems to be falling short as in a recent public statement, Valve addressed the fans and asked them to help in the fraud-busting endeavors. 

Valve rarely resorts to addressing its fans in such an informal manner which emphasizes the severity of the issue. John McDonald, the senior software engineer at Valve, urged players to join the effort by filing more reports to the company.

“Send more reports of botting players or matches you encounter our way at csgoteamfeedback at valve software dot com(sic) with the subject ‘bot accounts’. Thanks!” 

This mirrors another recent happening where another Valve employee by the nickname DanB_Valve also asked fans to report booster lobbies

Not long ago, the company banned over 10,000 accounts. Although some were unsure whether all bans were justified, many others reported that the ban wave had had a positive effect on the game’s competitive scene. Players even said that accounts they had reported were banned. However, the issue is far from solved.

Valve’s Efforts Continue

Valve will need the community to be responsible and join the combined effort. Posts from employees of the company are rare and usually signify something really important. Although McDonald has talked previously about upcoming updates, the company usually prefers to keep it professional. 

The most popular exception dated to 5 years ago when Gabe Newell insulted the Dota 2 commentator James Harding for his non-professional behavior during the Dota Major in Shanghai. Following that, Harding was laid off

In recent times CS:GO has been losing some notable players, so it isn’t a surprise that Valve is trying to fix the game by ensuring a healthier ecosystem. The company has been trying to address fan feedback and correct its own mistakes when possible. 

Most recently, Valve announced the coming of an unranked mode. Following that, the ranked mode will become limited to Prime accounts only, thus will make it harder for cheaters and boosters to constantly make new accounts. 

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