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Published: September 22, 2021

Written by: David

  • Major update is coming to the game this fall
  • The patch features new weapons, skins and game modes
  • Lots of community-made content, like new maps, are being officially added

CS:GO is getting a new event called Operation Riptide to round up 2021. The patch will feature new skins, maps, game modes, and major balancing changes.

Upcoming CS:GO Patch “Riptide” Setting the Scene with New Content

We haven’t had a major CS:GO update since Broken Flag, which came out just before the Christmas holidays last year, so players are excited about the new operation that Valve announced today. Operation Riptide, as the event is called, is going to become available soon.

The update is huge with a new weapon, the Riot Shield, added for the first time since 2015. The patch also includes several new game modes, the inclusion of fan-made maps into the official roster, new skins, and balance updates.

Why All The Buzz about the Riot Shield?

CS: GO is getting a new weapon for the first time in 6 years. However, players shouldn’t be too worried as the shield won’t be overpowered. It has a set amount of health and will wear down with use.

For now, the Shield is available only in the Hostage game mode as part of the CTs arsenal. It can block head and body shots and the user’s teammates can also stay safe behind the person carrying the shield. However, the player’s legs are still exposed, unless they are crouching.

New Game Modes Added

Valve is finally adding official Deathmatch and free-for-all modes. Before this change players had to search for community servers in order to get a good warmup. A new Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode, in which you play with your side against the enemy’s team is now added.

For players with little time, who still want some competitive action, Valve also introduces a short match with a best-of-sixteen win condition. It’s expected that these games will last on average about 25 minutes, but it’s still unknown if they will count towards your rank.

And for those who want to play with friends privately, but cannot rent a server, Valve has added new private queues.

Operation Riptide Skins

A whole 17 new community skins are officially added to the game, as well as a new Gamma Doppler finish. This is already a substantial number, but Valve is also updating the Train, Mirage, Dust 2, and Vertigo collections. It is also speculated that there might be an update to souvenir cases for the first time since the game’s launch.

New Maps

It seems Valve is honoring the creators of this community because as well as community skins, they are officially adding five community maps. These are Ravine, Extraction, Insertion II, Basalt, and County.

Ravine and Extraction are going to be available only in Wingman and County is a Danger Zone-exclusive map. Basalt and Insertion II will be available in all game modes.

Balance Changes to M4A1-S, Deagle, Dust 2

The long-awaited buff to the M4A1-S is coming. The gun will now deal more body damage, with which the gun will no longer play second fiddle to the M4A4. The Deagle on the other hand will be nerfed, with less body damage.

Dust 2 is also going to be touched by this update. Some mid visibility from T Spawn is going to be cut off, which is a huge change for attackers. They will no longer be able to look through double doors and get a cheeky kill. Last but not least, players will now be able to drop grenades, just like guns.

More detail on the update can be seen here, but it is safe to say this is what players have been waiting for almost a year.

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