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Published: February 11, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Dexerto reported that valens had used the coach spectator bug during his days as Cloud9’s coach
  • The video proof demonstrated valens with a powerful version of the bug that allowed him to roam the map freely
  • Valens spoke on the matter claiming that he happened upon this bug and didn’t intend to use it

Dexerto reported that Cloud9’s former coach, valens, had used the spectator bug during official CS:GO games.

The Spectator Bug: the Bane of Competitive CS:GO

Cloud9’s ex-coach, Soham ‘valens’ Chowdhury, had reportedly used the so-called coach spectator bug to help his former Counter-Strike team. According to the allegations, valens exploited the notorious bug to guide Cloud9 to victory as much as three times.

?he coach spectator bug is a bug that allows esports coaches to view the map without the usual restrictions and inform their teammates about the enemies’ movement. It provides a varying degree of unfair advantage, depending on which version of the bug is used. The most recently-discovered version of the bug is the worst one yet as it allows its user to roam freely and gain Intel on the whole in-game map.

According to the allegations against valens, the coach used both versions of the bug.  

Valens Used the Bug on Three Separate Occasions

Dexerto journalists shared three videos where valens used the coach spectator bugs. The first two videos were from 2017 and 2018 respectively and demonstrated valens using the basic version of the bug.

During the first instance, which is from a game between Team Liquid and Cloud9 from 2017, the bug allowed the coach to take a good look at the bomb planting site and inform his teammates about the enemy movement. The second instance is from a game between Cloud9 and OpTiC Gaming from 2018 where valens used a similar approach.

But the most notable case is from another 2017 game against Liquid where valens was completely unshackled and was able to freely spectate the whole map.

Valens Claims He Stumbled Upon the Bug on Accident

Dexerto contacted valens who explained that he stumbled across this bug on accident. He emphasized that he didn’t use it to help his team and didn’t share any unfair information with them. Valens claimed that he was annoyed at the time and had even tried to restart the game to get rid of the bug. 

“I definitely don’t know how it came to be and I didn’t seek it out in any way. I hope the lack of a pattern in getting to that game state is self-explanatory of my intent.”

When the bug was first discovered, the Esports Integrity Commission took action and in 2020 banned as many as 37 coaches who exploited the game but valens wasn’t among them. He has already retired from the coaching position and is now the head of data science for Evil Geniuses.

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