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Published: November 11, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • MOUZ have eliminated fan-favorite Cloud9 at the event’s quarterfinals
  • The game was anything but easy for MOUZ
  • The team managed to turn the tides of battle in the middle game

Less than a year since they entered the main team from the academy roster, MOUZ’s young players are already making a huge impact at the CS:GO Major’s playoffs.

MOUZ Defeat Cloud9

We have entered the final stage of the IEM Rio Major 2022 – the Champions – and it already promises to bring viewers a fascinating experience. The first day already saw the underdogs MOUZ defeat veterans Cloud9, eliminating them from the competition and moving on to the semifinals. 

MOUZ’s 2-1 victory over C9 becomes more spectacular when one notes that the majority of the team’s members came into the main MOUZ roster less than a year ago. Despite the short amount of time, the relative newcomers to the main stage have already reached the semi-finals of a CS:GO Major.

Cloud9 has often been seen as the youngsters in various CS:GO events, but this title was clearly and boldly taken away but her much less experienced ex-academy roster of MOUZ. Although the Jeunesse Arena looked somewhat empty on the match day, MOUZ’s squad performed spectacularly all around. None of its members stood out head over shoulders above the rest, proving the same high standard every one of them had to achieve during their time in the MOUZ academy roster. 

How the Game Went

Although MOUZ eventually came out victorious, Cloud9 did not give them an easy victory. In fact, if one judged from the results of the first game, C9 would have had a convincing victory over their opponents. The first map played was Inferno, MOUZ’s pick. However, despite the young roster feeling confident in their pick, Cloud9 dashed their hopes of an easy victory, in large part thanks to the actions of Kazakhstani player Abay “HObbit” Khasenov. With his help, C9 won the first map with a solid 16-11.

However, this served as a waking call for MOUZ, who did much better on the second map, Overpass. The game was much closer than the previous one and C9 almost mounted a comeback on the CT side. However, David “frozen” Cernanský helped MOUZ break C9’s counter momentum, eventually ending the map with 25 kills and 16 deaths, and with an incredibly dangerous 97.3 ADR. The team took Overpass with a dangerously close 16-13.

With one map taken by each team, the final map of Ancient was to be the decider. However, MOUZ had already turned the tides of battle and C9 struggled to get past one round on the T side. MOUZ’s young roster held out, denying C9’s attempts, and eventually took the map with a solid 16-9.

Now that almost all of the tournament favorites have been eliminated, with only NaVi remaining from the popular teams, MOUZ progress to the semifinals where they will take on the Outsiders.

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