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Published: October 2, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Chinse organization will field 5yclone as their new Counter-Strike squad
  • TYLOO has released its European players and benched the rest to make room for the new lineup
  • The team’s first challenge under the TYLOO banner will be at the CS2 Asia Championship

5yclone has already proven themselves as one of the best Chinese Counter-Strike squads, prompting TYLOO to sign them as part of the organization’s huge restructuring.

TYLOO Brings Aboard 5yclone’s Players

TYLOO is a Chinese esports organization, widely considered as one of the pioneers of competitive Counter-Strike in China. However, it has recently been going through some major changes which saw it sign the organizationless team of 5yclone, confirming the weeks of rumors that the Chinese organization was looking to acquire the squad.

The move follows Thursday’s announcement of the organization parting ways with its Balkan members. Players Luka “⁠emi⁠” Vuković and Marin “⁠ROGA⁠” Rogić, coach Nestor “⁠LETN1⁠” Tanić, as well as assistant coach Darko “⁠soLo⁠” Mitić have all left the lineup. They were all part of the organization throughout the summer, ever since TYLOO decided to diversify and bring international talent earlier this year. Unfortunately for the organization, this experiment with overseas players did not work well. Meanwhile, TYLOO’s remaining members, Kelun “⁠SLOWLY⁠” Sun, WingHei “⁠Freeman⁠” Cheung, and Tengis “⁠sk0R⁠” Batjargal, have all been put on the ever-growing list of benched players.

Despite the massive tremors in the organization, TYLOO hopes that the new signings will drastically improve its chances. “This decorated team, crowned champions at multiple ESL Challengers Series APAC & other premier-tour naments, bring extensive international experience, having competed with top-tier teams,” the organization praised 5yclone in the official announcement. “Humble & passionate, they embody dedication & resilience.”

The former 5yclone roster is currently one of the top two teams in China, alongside Lynn Vision, and has already represented the region at several international tournaments this year. Most recently, the squad competed in the ESL Pro League Season 18, but was defeated by 9z, who earned the final EPL Group C berth. However, 5yclone still boast several second-place finishes throughout 2023, such as the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2023: Asian Qualifier, and most recently, at the Perfect World Arena Premier League Season 5: Professional Division.

The team’s first big test playing under TYLOO’s banner will come at the CS2 Asia Championship. The tournament will be played in Shanghai on November 8-12 and will feature four of the current top-six teams in the world, which will compete for a piece of the $500,000 prize pool. TYLOO will field the following roster:

  • Zhuo “⁠advent⁠” Liang
  • Andrew “⁠kaze⁠” Khong
  • Yi “⁠JamYoung⁠” Yang
  • Jingxiang “⁠Mercury⁠” Wang
  • Qianhao “⁠Moseyuh⁠” Chen
  • Xielin “⁠k4Mi⁠” Zhu (coach)
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