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Published: February 27, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The organization won the North America closed qualifier
  • Liquid’s run through the tournament was filled with many ups and downs
  • The final was also a revenge match for Liquid, who were beaten by Nouns earlier in the event

After a close 2-0 match, which almost saw Nouns flip the tables on liquid, the latter team secures a spot in Intel Extreme Masters Dallas 2024.

Liquid Win Qualifier

IEM Dallas is still a few months away, but preparations for the event are ongoing. Teams are duking it out in various tournaments for a chance to participate in the main event, which grants its winner a spot for IEM Cologne 2024. Team Liquid will have the chance to win the coveted berth as the organization has won the North America closed qualifier.

Team Liquid now becomes the 14th team to lock in a spot for the main event after defeating Nouns 2-0 in the last match of the tournament. The final two spots at the tournament will be earned by teams in the Europe closed qualifier which is scheduled for March 12-14.

This is an even more important achievement for Liquid, considering the team had a bumpy ride throughout the qualifier. Cautious eyes were already on Liquid after they were tested by Party Astronauts in the first open qualifier’s final, and concern grew larger after they stumbled in their opening game of the four-team, double-elimination bracket to Nouns.

During the first encounter between Liquid and Nouns, the latter dominated the game on Ancient thanks to Carson “⁠nosraC⁠” O’Reilly’s plays. Although Liquid then responded by stealing Nouns’ Overpass pick, they didn’t make use of the win, as their opponents got right back at them on Mirage.

However, Liquid’s troubles were not going to end yet, as Wildcard was next in line. It was a tough match as both teams traded maps, meaning the third one, Inferno, was to be the decider. Despite poor starts to both halves, Liquid eventually won to keep their run in the Counter-Strike tournament alive. Later, BOSS was dealt with quickly as Liquid set up a rematch with Nouns.

How Did the Match Go?

A completely different Team Liquid emerged at the ending match, as it seemed like the squad had finally found their flow after their first encounter with Nouns. Perhaps considering their previous luck on Inferno, the organization chose it as the opener. It was not long before Liquid cruised to an 8-4 lead by the end of the first half. This large difference was quickly turned into a 13-7 victory.

Nouns then chose Mirage in the hopes that they could batter Liquid’s defenses the same way they did in their previous encounter a couple of days before. However, this time Liquid completely flipped the script, allowing them their own 10-2 lead at halftime. Nouns would eventually find their sense back on the defensive as they strung together a whole seven rounds to reduce the gap to 10-9.

However, as it looked like things might stretch out to a third map a 1vs1 win from cadiaN breathed some life back into Liquid. This was just enough for his squad to gain enough momentum and get the following two rounds, winning Mirage 13-9 and emerging victorious from the North America closed qualifier.

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