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Published: January 13, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Shox is getting ready for the upcoming BLAST Premier Paris Major
  • He’s assembled a team of old talent and a lot of unproven youngsters
  • The team’s name has still not been decided on

A day after French CS:GO legend Richard “shox” Papillon announced he is creating a new team for the BLAST Premier Paris Major, he revealed who is on his roster.

Shox Is preparing a new roster

It’s going to be a big year for the professional CS:GO scene in France, as the renowned Danish tournament organizer BLAST is going to have one of its Majors in the country’s capital. Considering this, it is quite apt that one of France’s most decorated CS:GO pros, Richard “?shox?” Papillon, will be a big part of what’s to come. 

Recently, the 30-year-old star announced he is assembling a new CS:GO roster to compete in the BLAST Premier Paris Major. He did not outline who will be joining him in this endeavor but teased that he will announce said players during his livestream. There were many speculations as to whom shox’ team will be comprised of, with ideas ranging from a composition of new talents to an all-star veteran roster. 

The wait is over and in shox’s latest stream, the popular CS:GO player revealed his new team – a combination of both well-known veterans as well as new faces. 

Shox Reveals New Team

The first member of shox’s roster is also a very experienced player and former teammate and retired Major-winner Edouard “?SmithZz?” Dubourdeaux. The 34-year-old former Apeks player said that he had been offered a place with Falcons, but that he didn’t feel like joining back up with Nathan “?NBK-?” Schmitt and Kenny “?kennyS?” Schrub. He said that this “has been done and redone,” and that he doesn’t believe would go well years later. 

This is somewhat similar to shox’s experience, who was offered a contract with LDLC, but he didn’t want to join because he wouldn’t have the freedom he wanted. His reasoning is that LDLC already has a full structure, but shox instead wants to take charge and lead the team.

Speaking of LDLC, the rest of shox’s team is comprom9ies of a much younger cast, a member of which used to play for the said team. This is 17-year-old Ryan “?Neityu?” Aubry, who spent time with LDLC last year and now has the opportunity to play side-by-side with living legends such as shox and SmithZz.

The team’s new AWPer is 21-year-old Jeremy “?Kursy?” Gast, a former member of GenOne. The final player is 25-year-old Paul “?day0s?” Niel, who has no previous team experience but is known for his prowess on FACEIT. The team is rounded out by assistant coach Boris “?flex0r?” Latry, who will be providing additional support from the sidelines. 

With many young and somewhat unproven faces combining with the two veritable CS:GO veterans, it will be interesting to see how shox’s new team will perform in the upcoming competition. 

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