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Published: February 16, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The CS:GO news outlet Rush B Media has decided to cease its operations
  • The decision comes in the wake of its founder and CEO’s leave
  • Rush B Media’s founder said that he has received a new opportunity in esports and will soon announce it

Rush B Media, the beloved CS:GO news site, will be shutting down as its founder left to pursue a new career in esports.

Rush B Media Shuts Down

Rush B Media, one of the most popular sources of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive news, has suddenly announced it will be closing its doors. The reason for this is the departure of Ryan Friend, the site’s founder and chief executive.

Rush B Media’s closure is a huge loss for the CS:GO community. Over the past few years, the site had cemented itself as the to-go place for CS:GO news. Fans could hop to Rush B Media to inform themselves on the latest developments in the game’s competitive scene, watch exclusive podcasts and learn more about the broader CS:GO ecosystem.

The announcement added that in the next two weeks the company will feature some of the people who have made Rush B Media possible.

Friend Will Pursue a New Career

Friend announced his leave on Twitter where he explained that this wasn’t an easy choice. He has worked on Rush B Media for four years now which is why this departure feels bittersweet, Friend explained.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported RBM, as well as all the staff members who made it the most insane, wildest, and greatest four years of my life. A personal hobby project that became one of the foremost CSGO outlets… what a crazy journey. I could never imagine it,” Friend said.

This isn’t the end of Friend’s career, however. He explained that his decision to leave the site came because other opportunities arose. The founder of Rush B Media promised to speak more about his upcoming plans after February 22. However, he implied that his new job will be something connected to esports.

“Last Friday, I put in my two weeks at my current finance career. I received an opportunity in esports that if I ignored, I would likely regret for my entire life. This was incredibly difficult, & not without a few sleepless nights. So one chapter now ends, and the other begins,” Friend explained.

While it is regrettable that one of the best CS:GO sites is shutting down, it is curious to see what Friend’s opportunity in esports is as it definitely needs to be something big to have swayed him.

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