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Published: June 22, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • his could be the 22-year-old player’s entry into the tier-one scene
  • The team also seems to be looking at Russian player Robert “?Patsi?” Isyanov
  • Both will likely replace nitr0 and EliGE respectively

Aleks “?Rainwaker?” Petrov is Liquid’s newest addition to their Europeanized Counter-Strike roster if recent leaks are to be believed.

Rainwaker Might Have Joined Liquid

Despite playing in the North American region, Liquid have been moving to a European core for quite some time now. If recent rumors are to be believed, the squad has completed this movement by acquiring 22-year-old Bulgarian player Aleks “?Rainwaker?” Petrov from 500, the news coming from’s sources.

Talks that the player will be transferred to Liquid have been circulating over the past few days, with reporting that the organization is looking at the young rifler as a part of their plans to reshuffle the roster. The report also stated that the organization wants to purchase Robert “?Patsi?” Isyanov from Spirit for at least $100 000 to complete the roister. If both deals come true, the pair of Eastern Europeans would replace Nick “?nitr0?” Cannella, who stepped down from competition in June, as well as Jonathan “?EliGE?” Jablonowski, who will be sold to an unknown buyer. The latter has been a key part of the team for many years, helping Liquid win several big tournaments since 2015.

Interestingly, some of LLiquid’s members have also addressed these rumors. Just a couple of days ago, Mareks “?YEKINDAR?” Galinskis, the team’s current in-game leader, talked about this in a Tweet, confirming that he will remain at the helm of the team no matter what changes come in the near future.

The signing of Rainwaker comes as somewhat of a surprise. The Bulgarian will now be joining the tier-one scene of competitive Counter-Strike, which will also mark his first time competing in an international lineup. Sporting a 1.14 rating, the 22-year-old should be a decent addition to Liquid’s roster.

During his time on 500’s lineup, Rainwaker mainly competed on the CCT circuit and in various other lower-tier tournaments and qualifiers. The Bulgarian team’s most notable achievement in recent times was an entry in the BLAST Paris Major Europe RMR. Unfortunately, the squad failed to make it past the competition and left the tournament with a 1-3 record.

Rainwaker will now likely be replacing nitr0? in Liquid’s revamped roster, while the more aggressive Patsi, will probably take the place of EliGE. If both deals come to fruition, Liquid will enter the next season of competitive Counter-Strike with the following roster:

  • Keith “?NAF?” Markovic
  • Josh “?oSee?” Ohm
  • Mareks “?YEKINDAR?” Galinskis
  • Aleks “?Rainwaker?” Petrov
  • Robert “?Patsi?” Isyanov

Damian “?daps?” Steele (coach)

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