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Published: September 27, 2021

Written by: David

  • Richard “Xizt” Landström is retiring from competitive CS after 12 years
  • Although the CS pro has seen ups and downs within his career, he remains overall happy with his accomplishments
  • In a recent interview, Xizt revealed that he is exploring opportunities as a coach or analyst

Richard Landström, the world-famous CS player also known as “Xizt”, announced that he is retiring from the competitive scene. After 12 years as a pro player, he is now looking for a new position within esports as a coach or analyst.

Xizt Looks for a New Role in Esports, Retires from Competitive CS

Richard “Xizt” Landström, the iconic CS:GO player revealed that he is resigning from the competitive scene. After 12 years as a professional CS player, Xizt said earlier this week that the time for his retirement has come. He outlined that as a CS pro player, his career has seen its ups and downs.

Remembering the past years, he acknowledged that he has had an unforgettable journey. Xizt thanked his teammates for helping him through this journey. Additionally, he shared that he was grateful for the continuous support he has seen from all of his fans.

In a recent interview for HLTV, Xizt said that the decision to stop playing was a tough one. However, he acknowledged that he has been thinking of retiring for the last few years. According to Xizt, once he had some time off to think about it even more he realized that “continuing playing wasn’t an option.”

Thinking about his latest years, he outlined that he didn’t perform as well as he wanted. Xizt acknowledged that being unsuccessful with Fnatic and Dignitas made its impact on his confidence. Moreover, he said that he lost part of the motivation to “keep grinding” but was also irritated when playing CS. That combination wasn’t something that he wanted.

“I am open to the opportunity to coach, do analytical work or team management, preferably in CS:GO where my expertise is,” said Richard “Xizt” Landström for HLTV

On the bright side, Xizt said that he overall felt “happy and satisfied” with his accomplishments as a pro-CS player. He revealed that besides winning tournaments, the game has given him much experience but he has also grown as a person that did what he loved. Xizt did not miss saying that he loves CS and esports and outlined that he is currently looking for opportunities to coach or work as an analyst or a part of the management within the well-known CS:GO landscape. In conclusion, he said that he is incredibly motivated and ready to win tournaments but within a different role.

Throughout his professional career, Xizt was a part of world-famous teams such as Ninjas in Pyjamas, Dignitas, Fnatic and Faze. In fact, he was a part of NiP when the team completed an iconic win streak. From September 2012 through April 2013, NiP together with Xizt completed an 87-win streak. Sadly, the streak had ended when the team lost to Virtus Pro.

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