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Published: December 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • G2 defeats Outsiders 2-0 in the first stages of the BLAST Premier World Final
  • The first map ended in a close 16-12 in favor of G2
  • The second map, Mirage, was almost flawless on G2’s side

Rio Major champions Outsiders fall from grace in a disgraceful 16-1 defeat on Mirage at the hands of G2 during the BLAST Premier World Final.

Outsiders Are Out

The ending of the year marks a conclusion to the competitive CS:GO season, and one great way to send it off is by watching the BLAST Premier World Final. The event promised thrilling matches and it delivered on its promise, the latest clash between G2 and reigning champions Outsiders ending in a way nobody expected. Not only did fan-favorite Outsiders were defeated 0-2, but G2 absolutely mopped the floor with them during the second map, finishing with a score of 16-1.

Coupling this defeat with the one Outsiders suffered at the hands of Team Liquid earlier, the Russian-Kazakh team leaves the BLAST event without even making it out from the lower bracket of Group A. The defeat came as a surprise to many, as when Outsiders won the IEM Rio Major and qualified for the BLAST Premier World Final, they instantly became favorites. Unfortunately for them, and their fans, something went horribly wrong, resulting in Outsiders’ early exit from the tournament. 

It Was a Devastating Match for Outsiders

Despite Outsiders’ unexpected 16-1 debacle on map two, the team fared quite well on the first map against G2. The game ended with a 16-12 win for G2 with Outsiders valiantly holding their ground until the end. However, G2 had just a bit of an edge over their opponents in the face of Ilya “?m0NESY?” Osipov. The young sniper put up 34 kills on the opening pick, finding multikills and clutches in key moments time and time again. 

However, the player made a rare mistake in a pistol round, getting off the defuse with 0.5 seconds left. This allowed Outsiders to get back into the game. The teams traded a few rounds, but G2 slowly edged closer toward victory A couple of B defenses and more individual prowess from m0NESY finally got them over the edge, ending the map in G2’s favor. With a relatively close 16-12.

However, the second map, Mirage, was anything but close. Nikola “?NiKo?” Kovac and company prevented Outsiders from even putting the bomb down until round 11 with a flawless defense. Outsiders managed to get to the bombsite three times in the last five rounds, but G2 shut them down every time. m0NESY’s best performance here was an almost impossible quad-kill in round 14.

Outsiders’ last breath of life was an overturning pistol round of a 3v5, with the team managing to defuse the bomb inside smoke, but it was already too little too late to make a difference in the final score.

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