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Published: June 21, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Danish organization is using the lull in competitive CS to reshuffle its roster
  • Both players joined OG around the same time last year 
  • OG has not yet announced who will come to replace the two players

As part of OG’s plans to rebuild around Maciej “?F1KU?” Miklas, Nemanja “?nexa?” Isakovic, and Iulian “?regali?” Harjau, the organization has moved two players with a positive rating to the bench.

NEOFRAG and Degster Put Up for Transfer

With competitive CS:GO being in a lull right now as no major tournaments are being held currently, esports organizations are taking the time to prepare for the next series of events. This often includes training hard, reshuffling rosters, or making way for new players by putting others for transfer. OG falls into the latter category as the Danish esports organization announced recently that they’ve put  Abdul “?degster?” Gasanov and Adam “?NEOFRAG?” Zouhar on the bench.

“Today we are announcing our decision to move Adam “?NEOFRAG?” Zouhar and Abdul “?degster?” Gasanov to the transfer list,” OG’s statement on Twitter reads. “It was a pleasure to have them here with us, especially making history with our first Major appearance since joining CS:GO.” 

The news comes ahead of the start of the competitive Counter-Strike autumn season and is part of OG’s plans to rebuild the mixed European squad around Maciej “?F1KU?” Miklas. Nemanja “?nexa?” Isakovic, and Iulian “?regali?” Harjau will form the rest of the core of OG’s new squad and it’s expected that coach Casper “?ruggah?” Due will also take a different position in the organization, stepping down from his current one, which he has held since January 2020.

OG’s decision puts an end to NEOFRAG’s one-year stint with the organization, which he joined in May last year alongside F1KU. They both came into the team after OG once again reorganized after benching Valdemar “?valde?” Bjørn Vangså and Nikolaj “?niko?” Kristensen. During his time on the team, NEOFRAG proved to be a stable performer, scoring a 1.01 LAN rating and just three Big Events in the red out of the last seven attended.

Degster’s transfer to the inactive roster is stranger, however, as the 21-year-old player has been OG’s highest-rated player over the course of the last year. He joined almost a year ago in July 2022, transferring from Spirit. The Russian player provided a much-needed boost for OG, averaging a 1.15 rating in all competitions over the last 11 months. He played a large part in the team’s successes that led them to participate in their first-ever Major at IEM Rio 2022.

Considering both transferring players’ stats, it seems somewhat strange that OG is moving them to the inactive roster. The organization still hasn’t announced who will take NEOFRAG and degster’s spots and only time will tell if OG has made the right decision by removing two players with positive ratings.

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