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Published: November 16, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The organization cannot participate due to experiencing travel fatigue
  • It was supposed to be the first tournament that new IGL alex would have played with NiP
  • The event’s organizer has yet to find a replacement for NiP in Group B of the qualifier

Following fnatic’s sudden withdrawal from the BetBoom Dacha Closed Qualifier yesterday, Ninjas in Pyjamas become the second team to leave the event without being eliminated, but due to other external reasons.

NiP Drop Out of Qualifier

The usual way teams drop out of various esports tournaments is that they get eliminated from the event. However, various unforeseen circumstances may force organizations to leave a tournament prematurely, and the currently ongoing BetBoom Dacha Closed Qualifier seems to be proving just that.

Ninjas in Pyjamas have dropped out of the event as the team is experiencing travel fatigue. The Swedish organization was in Shanghai, China, where they played the CS Asia Championships until November 11, where they lost to ENCE in the tournament’s quarter-finals. However, that was also the date when the BetBoom Dacha Closed Qualifier started. The event will run until November 21, but the Ninjas have decided to skip it, as they are not in the best condition right now.

“Due to the late departure from China after the CS Asia Championships and the players’ fatigue after returning home, they can’t be ready for the first match and we will have to drop out,” NIP management said. The closed qualifier was supposed to be the team’s first time playing with Alejandro “⁠alex⁠” Masanet, who missed the event in China. The team’s new in-game leader was revealed by the Ninjas on November 3, but he will have to wait until the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Final to take the reigns of the squad. The event will start on November 22 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

NiP dropping out of the current event makes them the second team to do so due to unforeseen circumstances. Yesterday, another of the invited teams, fnatic, announced withdrawal from the BetBoom Dacha Closed Qualifier. FISSURE, the event’s organizer, has brought in Polish organization 9INE as a replacement.

However, the tournament host has yet to announce if such arrangements will be made for NiP’s case, thus for now the Group B match MIBR was slated to play has been canceled. Meanwhile, things in Group A have been moving much smoother. Aurora, Apeks, and BIG have all made it to the qualifier’s playoffs, while Eternal Fire was the first team to be eliminated.

BetBoom Dacha’s main event will be held in Dubai, UAE, on December 5-10, and only two teams from the qualifier will make it to it. There, they will face, Astralis, Cloud9, FURIA, and Heroic, who have already been invited to the tournament, as well as the title sponsor’s own squad, BetBoom.

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