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Published: January 30, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • NiP’s Hampus “?hampus?” Poser has to go on a long break due to personal reasons
  • The organization brings in Kristian “?k0nfig?” Wienecke as a substitute
  • Despite the unexpected setback, NiP are still positive about their outlooks this year

Hampus will have to miss the rest of the BLAST CS:GO spring season due to health reasons, forcing Ninjas in Pyjamas to bring in 25-year-old K0nfig as a substitute.

K0nfig Joins NiP

Unfortunately, real life and health problems can hamper players’ ability to compete, necessitating organizations to look for substitutes. This is what Ninjas in Pyjamas recently had to do by bringing in Kristian “?k0nfig?” Wienecke, who comes in place of Hampus “?hampus?” Poser, who has to take a long break due to health reasons. 

“Hampus has spent the last few days consulting with our performance director Troels and medical professionals, and we’ve agreed that he needs a break from competition,” Ninjas in Pyjamas wrote in a statement. “In order to ensure that he has the time and space needed to get well, Hampus will take the rest of the spring season off with our full support.”

Hampus unexpectedly left NiP during the team’s run at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups after just two matches due to “unforeseen personal circumstances.” Max “?maxster?” Jansson from Young Ninjas, NiP’s academy roster, came to the rescue and substituted for hampus at the Copenhagen event. 

Many fans were surprised with the whole situation, as Ninjas in Pyjamas seemed to have the roster set in stone for the foreseeable future following the signing of a new AWPer, Daniil “?headtr1ck?” Valitov recently. NiP’s Aleksi “?Aleksib?” Virolainenhas been noted saying before this ordeal that he hopes the team “aren’t going to have any changes for a while”.

What Awaits NiP Now?

Despite the unexpected need for substitution, NiP’s Chief Operating Officer Jonas “?calc?” Gundersen wrote on Twitter that he is happy with the way the organization reacted with understanding to hampus’ situation. He also thinks that NiP still has great prospects for the future, as it’s just the early part of the season and k0nfig is a good player who will fit well into NiP’s roster.

K0nfig played for Astralis but parted ways with the organization in October in the aftermath of a highly-publicized altercation that resulted in the 25-year-old getting injured and missing out on weeks of action including qualifiers for the IEM Rio Major. After that, the Dane stood in for Heroic at the BLAST Premier World Final and was supposed to step in for FaZe as a replacement for Håvard “?rain?” Nygaard at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups.

His signing by NiP might not have happened if it were not for a great misunderstanding between BLAST and FaZe, who wanted to sign the player. However, since he was already registered with Heroic, BLAST disallowed him to join FaZe, which inadvertently laid the path for the player to eventually end up with NiP.

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