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Published: February 13, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • They beat Polish team NaVi Javelins in a decisive 2-0 final
  • Nigma dominated Javelins on the first map
  • Javelins forced overtime on the final map

Nigma Galaxy continues their reign as one of the top female CS:GO teams out there by winning ESL Impact Katowice.

Nigma Emerges Victorious

CS:GO fans have had their eyes turned toward the Polish city of Katowice for the past couple of weeks due to the action that’s been happening there. A part of it, the ESL Impact tournament, ended today with Nigma Galaxy lifting the trophy above their heads. This becomes the Russian team’s fourth Impact trophy in the all-women CS:GO circuit after Nigma defeated their opponents from NaVi Javelins in a decisive 2-0.

Nigma Galaxy’s victory marks a continuation of the team’s domination of the Impact circuit. The team has basically monopolized the all-female circuit ever since its inception by winning every LAN event that has been hosted. Although this most recent event was not as smooth as Nigma would have probably liked, the team having difficulties against FURIA fe in the semi-finals and by NAVI Javelins in the final, the Russian team once again proved themselves. 

Despite ultimately finishing in second place, NaVi Javelins also performed admirably throughout the whole tournament. This was the team’s first crack at an Impact trophy after they missed out on the Season 1 and 2 finals. 

How the Match Went

Nigma Galaxy already took a massive 12-3 lead in the first half of the first map, Nuke. The Russian team dominated their Polish opponents largely thanks to a staggering 2.07-rated half from Alexandra “?twenty3?” Timonina. The second half started with shaky for Nigma’s T-side which gave Javelins an opening to get back in the game. However, that was quickly closed down by Ana “?ANa?” Dumbrava and co. got their first T round on the board it was smooth sailing.

But NaVi did not plan on losing so on the second map, Vertigo, the team went on with a great T-side start. The Polish side denied Nigma Galaxy from stringing rounds together, with the Russians getting just five rounds by the end of the first half. 

The second half of Vertigo started with both teams trading blows. NaVi Javelins got themselves to 14 rounds but a strange economic decision with no loss bonus forced them to double eco and let Nigma Galaxy back in the game. Nigma used this and tried to make a dash for the victory, but NaVi saved themselves with pistols and forced the game to overtime. 

With the game being decided by the next few rounds, Nigma showed a last eruption of strength and took Vertigo 22-19, lifting the ESL Impact trophy above their heads.

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