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Published: November 20, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players find a new exploit in Counter-Strike 2
  • It allows them to shave off a significant time of the reload animation of some guns
  • It’s still unknown if it works on every weapon in the game

Counter-Strike 2 players have discovered a glitch that allows them to reload weapons faster when they switch to their knife twice, sparking a debate of how and when can this be used.

Fans Discover Glitch

Since the days of CS 1.6, the game has been popular for having some exploits that can allow players to perform certain actions faster. For example, swapping quickly to your secondary using Q and then back to your primary, allows you to reload your AWP a bit faster than usual. This is because the weapon switch is a few tens of a second faster than the default reloading animation. This oversite from the first CS game has become a staple of the franchise and has remained a staple in Counter-Strike 2 as well.

However, a new exploit has recently been found that allows players to reload other weapons faster in a similar way. All you have to do is to swap the gun twice while reloading, which will also make the reload animation shorter.

It’s unclear when this bug came into being on the game, but it was showcased in this Reddit post working quite well with the AUG. For reference, the player reloads the gun in 3.9 seconds using the default method. However, this time is significantly shaved down to 3.1 seconds when using the double weapon swap exploit.

Naturally, this piqued the interest of players, and many started wondering if the exploit could be used with other guns. One player said they tested it with the FAMAS and M4A1-S and that both weapons had a significant change in their reload animation durations. According to that player, the FAMAS’s default reloading animation lasts 3.4 seconds, but using the exploit, this time can be reduced to 2.8. Meanwhile, the M4A1-S reloaded in 2.7 seconds using the trick, which was faster than the normal reload time of 3.1 seconds.

To use the reload bug, players need to press “3”, “1”, “3”, and “1” after you start reloading the weapon. “3” is the default keybind for the knife and “1” is the default keybind for the primary weapon. Interestingly, the OP does not clarify if this bug can be seen or used with Q-switching, rather than the more laborious numbers method.

Although it seems rather broken to be able to reload your weapon significantly faster than usual, the exploit is also somewhat situational, not to mention it’s a bit of a finger twister to perform. However, if both you and the opponent run out of ammo at the same time, the few extra tents of a second that the exploit gives you could be crucial.

That being said, it’s unknown if the bug would stay in the game permanently as the player who shared it on Reddit said they emailed Valve, so the devs might soon patch it.

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