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Published: December 7, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • “Mute Bug” is the name given to a new game-breaking CS:GO exploit
  • The bug lets players reveal information about the positions of enemies
  • The exploit can be used multiple times in a match by any player

A CS:GO player has recently found a bug that lets users reveal information about enemies. The so-called “Mute Bug” can be activated through console commands and can be used by all players.

A Player Finds a Game-Breaking Exploit

Gamers often have south to exploit bugs or unintended features in a game, but CS:GO has been a game that doesn’t have many of these. Valve has been doing a decent job in preventing any bugs from being exploited by players. However, this changed recently as a new game-breaking exploit has been discovered that gives unfair information to players who are using it.

On December 4, a Twitter user by the name of Aquarius revealed the unintended feature. The bug reveals information about nearby players, and what’s worse that it’s easy to implement and use multiple times in a match. Since the information went viral, many players and CS:GO personalities have called upon Valve to fix the problem.

The exploit has been called the “Mute Bug” because of the bizarre way in which it can be activated by any player.

How Does the Exploit Work?

Aquarius has gone into detail on how to use the bug. It’s really simple and can be done by any player in just a couple of easy steps.

  1. First, the user needs to mute the enemy team by typing “cl_mute_enemy_team 1” in the CS:GO console.
  2. After that needs to type “record x” in the console. This will start recording a demo and will automatically unmute the opposing team.

Now, whenever the user goes around the map, enemy players will get automatically muted when they come into close proximity. This gives unfair information to the user as the bug works through walls, sort of like an early warning system. The only issue is that the user will constantly have to press TAB to access the scoreboard information, as that’s how the information will be relayed to them. This bug can also be replicated multiple times during a round using the “logaddress add 1” console command. Popular CS:GO Youtuber 3kliksphilip made a video on the subject, exploring the feature some more.

He explains that the information about nearby enemies does not depend on how close they are to them but on rendering distance, making using the exploit a little less straightforward.

The enemy team will not be muted again once unmuted. What this means is that once an enemy player is muted when they pass near the user, they will not be muted again when approaching the user later.

The exploit can be reset many times in a match by typing “logaddress_add1”. However, the user freezes for a few seconds each time they use it.

Despite having these disadvantages, which are going to be difficult for solo or less-skilled players to do, more advanced teams could greatly benefit from this exploit. Valve has not yet stated how they intend on managing the situation.

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