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Published: December 27, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • French CS:GO veteran, NBK is looking at a potential entry into MOUZ’s CS:GO roster next year
  • The pro retired from the game in June this year, but it seems likely he will be returning to the shooter
  • His current contract with OG ends on January 1, 2022, so NBK will be a free agent in less than a week

The two-time CS:GO Major winner NBK’s Valorant contract is ending soon, so the French athlete might be competing for MOUZ next year.

NBK Is Looking for a Contract with Mouz

Nathan Schmitt, a.k.a. NBK retired from CS:GO last June and started playing Valorant, however, his current contract is soon ending, so he is considering a comeback to the game at which he excelled. There have lately been talks that the German esports organization MOUZ might be making big changes to their CS:GO roster by selling their star rifler Robin “ropz” Kool to FaZe Clan in 2022.

Schmitt left professional CS:GO in June this year and switched to playing Valorant. He started playing Riot’s shooter before on Twitch streams, even participating in a few show matches. Despite this, Schmitt never signed with a team despite receiving multiple offers from various organizations.

MOUZ’s New Potential Roster Composition

According to sources of French website, NBK is in advanced talks to join MOUZ, making his return to the competitive Counter-Strike scene. The two-time Major winner is coming to the end of his contract with OG and is, therefore, free to sign wherever he wants.

If the deal goes through, MOUZ will receive a valuable experienced player. It’s possible the organization could create a new roster around the veteran. His current contract with OG ends on January 1st, so the player will be a free agent starting next year.

Some other players that might play with MOUZ, according to’s sources, are going to be Christopher “dexter” Nong and David “frozen” Cernanský, who would be the only players from the old roster to remain on the team for 2022. Also, current player Dane Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand, will be replaced by Hungarian MOUZ NXT sniper Ádám “torzsi” Torzsás. The former didn’t really stand out since his arrival at the beginning of the year.

Lastly, Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras could be replaced by MOUZ Academy player Jon “JDC” de Castro. This would mean that MOUZ’s CS;GO roster for the next year’s season could look something like this:

  • David “frozen” Cernanský
  • Christopher “dexter” Nong
  • Nathan “NBK” Schmitt
  • Ádám “torzsi” Torzsás
  • Jon “JDC” de Castro
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