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Published: March 11, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Benched player NBK made a one-time return as an active player among OG’s CS:GO ranks
  • NBK will replace niko in the active roster as the latter is contracted to the team OG will be playing against 
  • The opposing team will be Heroic which has been performing in the current ESL Pro League

OG brought NBK back for “one last dance” to avoid a possible conflict of interests for niko during the match against Heroic.

OG Makes a One-Time Swap, Takes Back NBK

As the CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 13 progresses, team OG made a sudden swap. French player Nathan Schmitt or NBK returned to the active roster after being benched earlier. 

OG didn’t elaborate on their reasons, although if we have to pry, we may safely conclude this is probably because of the opposing team – Heroic. Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen, who is currently playing for OG, actually has an ongoing contract with Heroic. Therefore it may be best for him to sit at the bench and let NBK take his place in order to avoid any possible conflicts. 

NBK is one of the founders of OG. He brought the squad together and even tried to convince other professionals such as Nemanja “hunter-“ Kovac and Nemanja “nexa” Isakovic to join the team. Although the two refused, NBK still completed his lineup and even got Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen to join as a leader.  

With time, however, OG’s performance started declining. This year they decided to refresh the roster composition, which got NBK benched. The current 1-2 against Heroic earlier today just goes to show that. 

OG Still Finding Its Way 

The player has mentioned that the squad had disagreements on what was needed to stay on the high-performance track. While being benched, NBK tried to temporarily play with a mixed lineup during the DreamHack Masters Open Qualifier but wasn’t allowed to do so.  

Niko was in a similar situation and got benched in his original team Heroic. He joined OG in the meantime, but since he hasn’t canceled his former partnership, it would probably be unwise to play against Heroic. Thus for the match, OG had decided to bench niko and take NBK back in the team. 

The switch of NBK and Niko will only last for the current game OG against Heroic. It will probably be the last match OG will be playing with NBK as well. Heroic is still unbeaten with a 3 match streak and now 4th.

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