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Published: December 21, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Natus Vincere has broken Astralis’ record for single-year earnings from CS:GO esports tournaments
  • The team managed to earn $4,275,500 – more than the totality of its earnings in the past seven years
  • Astralis still has the lead when it comes to total winnings but Na’Vi might soon overtake this record as well

After a tremendously successful competitive year, Natus Vincere’s CS:GO team has managed to win a total of $4,275,500, shattering Astralis’ record.

Natus Vincere Is on a Roll

Natus Vincere’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has had a thrilling competitive year, completely shattering its previous annual earnings profit. Not only that, but Na’Vi’s 2021 earnings are higher than what any other team has ever earned in a single year.

Still, this isn’t a huge surprise as the organization has cemented itself as one of the powerhouses in Counter-Strike esports and its players are unanimously considered as some of the most powerful athletes in the game.

To illustrate Na’Vi’s success in numbers, the CS:GO team has played in a total of 16 tournaments throughout 2021, eventually earning a whopping $4,275,500 from its victories.

To gain a better understanding of how Natus Vincere managed to achieve this important milestone, one should view the team’s most important victories for the year. Na’Vi managed to get first place at both BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 and World Final, getting $600,000 and $500,000 from each respectively. The team managed to win the Intel Extreme Masters Cologne, grabbing $400,000 for the first place, and prevailed at the Intel Grand Slam Season Three, getting a million. To top it all up, the team won the PGL Major in Stockholm, getting adding yet another million to its winnings.

The Team Might Be Breaking More Records Soon

To put things into perspective, the previous single-year record was marked by Astralis in 2018. That year, Astralis managed to earn a total of $3,651,650, meaning that Na’Vi has raised the bar by more than half a million.

Much of Na’Vi and Astralis’ respective earning records come thanks to their victories at a Major event and the Intel Grand Slam. The latter event helped both teams add a whole million to their earnings.

Astralis still has the lead when it comes to total earnings. The team has earned a total of $9.218 million, which is higher than Na’Vi’s $8.15 million. Yet, Natus Vincere seems very likely to overtake its competitors’ earnings, especially considering that more than half of its total winnings have been scored in a single year.

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