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Published: March 23, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • NaVi beat Brazilian squad 00NATION 2-1 in the Maltese CS:GO tournament
  • It was a grueling match for both teams, stretching out to the full three maps
  • They will now face Outsiders in a match to decide which team will go to the semi-finals

00NATON surprised many by coming this far in the ESL Pro League S17, but they were eliminated from the Maltese event by NaVi, who will now fight for a semi-final spot.

NaVi Emerge Victorious

Fans of NaVi and 00NATIOn were treated to an intense battle between the two teams, who went up against each other in the final round of 16 clash of ESL Pro League S17. It was the Ukrainian-majority organization that emerged victorious from the difficult match, scoring a hard-fought 2-1 against their Brazilian opponents. 

This match marks the end of 00’s road at the EPL. Despite that, the team still surpassed expectations as many did not think they will go past the group stage, especially considering the roster played without in-game leader Epitacio “?TACO?” de Melo. The Brazilians will now focus on the upcoming BLAST Paris Major 2023 Americas RMR, held in Monterrey, Mexico next month. Unfortunately, they will once again have to enter a tournament without their IGL as TACO announced he will miss the Americas RMR.

Natus Vincere are now on a crash course with Outsiders. The match, which is part of the 12th round of the Maltese event, will decide which one of the teams will proceed to the quarter-finals. 

It Was a Close Match

Ancient was the first map to be played in the tough slog that the match turned out to be. It was 00’s choice, but the team quickly regretted their decision as they soon found themselves trailing a whopping 10-1 behind their opponents. The Brazilians finally recovered a bit in the latter rounds of the first half largely thanks to a B attack facilitated by Marcelo “?coldzera?” David. The first half ended with a not-so-terrible 10-5 in favor of NaVi.

Unfortunately for the Ukrainian team, 00 kept their momentum in the second half and in almost no time the Brazilians took the lead 11-10. However, 00 could not keep the pressure up as their eco was suffering, so NaVi soon regained their footing and did just enough to close it out in thirty rounds, ending the map 16-14. 

Overpass, the second map, was almost a reversal of the roles, with NaVi picking it and quickly finding themselves regretting the decision. 00NATION got off to a much better start as they won the pistol and weathered the NaVi forcebuys. The Ukrainians made a five-round streak in the middle of the half but could not maintain the same momentum in the second. Leonardo “?n9xtz?” Santos made a triple-kill in the forcebuy, and 00NATION never looked back after that. The Brazilians took and retained the lead throughout the rest of the half, ending Overpass with a devastating 16-8.

Mirage was the decider of the match and it looked like viewers would get to see a close map. However, this was far from the truth as NaVi took an early strong lead. It was stopped by a 1vs3 clutch by Lucas “?nqz?” Soares, which was no doubt one if not the best single performances of the match, but 00 was simply unable to take advantage of that and regain the initiative. 

NaVi quickly stabilized and two clutches by Valeriy “b1t” Vakhovskiy gave the Ukrainians just enough momentum for them to retake the initiative and close out the first half with a large 11-4 lead. The second half saw 00, who were way out of breath by this point, win just one round. This allowed NaVi to quickly wrap up the map 16-5 and take the match 2-1, allowing them to meet Outsiders in a fight for a spot in the semi-finals.

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