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Published: September 8, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • MOUZ defeat EG in the ESL Pro League Season 18 Group B’s lower bracket
  • Although the match was a 2-0 victory for MOUZ, it was not one-sided at all
  • MOUZ will next have to face the world’s No. 2 team, Heroic

Despite two amazing comebacks from Evil Geniuses, the North Americans were still defeated on Ancient and Inferno by their MOUZ, and were sent to the last chance stage.

MOUZ Defeat Evil Geniuses

ESL Pro League Season 18 is in full swing and teams are already trying to stay alive in the competition. It looks like this task was made even more difficult for Evil Geniuses, as the North American team was sent to the Last Chance Stage after suffering a 0-2 defeat by their European opponents from MOUZ. This means that Colby “⁠Walco⁠” Walsh’s men are now just one loss away from elimination, so to avoid that, the NA squad will have to muster all their strength if they don’t want to be thrown out of the competition altogether.

Although the final score reads 2-0 in favor of MOUZ, the match itself was anything but one-sided. In fact, EG made great comebacks in both maps, the problem being that they simply did not have that last small bit of strength to power through and turn the tide of the series.

The match started on Ancient and MOUZ quickly took the initiative, leading to the mixed European roster claiming a large advantage of 15-8 by the middle of the second half. But right as it all seemed clear, EG woke up and made an amazing comeback, stringing seven rounds together. Unfortunately, the North American squad ran out of steam just when it mattered the most, although David “⁠frozen⁠” Čerňanský and company to snatch a B-site victory, which set them on a course of winning the map in the overtime.

Despite the near loss MOUZ suffered on the first map, the team and its fans were rallied by the amazing comeback, so they went into the second map, Inferno, in high spirits. Unfortunately, this was not enough, as the North American team once again started poorly, letting MOUZ finish the first half with a significant 10-5 advantage.

However, EG did not give up and once again mustered the strength to perform another great comeback when the sides switched. Jadan “⁠HexT⁠” Postma woke up after a quiet first map and started stringing frag after frag during the second half of Inferno. Unfortunately, his 1.34 rating was insufficient to help his team, as frozen’s Deagle in round 24 turned out to be the last turning point in the match which determined EG’s defeat. MOUZ quickly wrapped up the remaining three rounds to take the map 16-13 and finish the match.

Although achieving an amazing victory over a strong opponent, MOUZ still has a long way to go if they wish to reach the playoffs. It won’t be an easy one either, as their next opponents are Heroic, the world’s second team.

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