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Published: December 14, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The European lineup defeated the Danish one on two maps with lots of room to spare
  • MOUZ now march off to the event’s semifinals, which start on December 15
  • Heroic’s loss also signifies coach Xizt’s departure from the organization

Considering the turmoil Heroic has been going through recently, it’s a miracle the organization survived so long in the BLAST event.

MOUZ Defeat Heroic

Various teams have been dropping out left and right from the BLAST World Final and Danish organization Heroic has joined their ranks as they were eliminated by MOUZ’s mixed European lineup. The latter team absolutely dominated their opponents on two maps, Nuke and Mirage, leaving no opportunity for Heroic to even score double-digit rounds on either occasion. With this landslide victory, MOUZ secured a spot at the event’s playoffs where they will meet Cloud9 in the first match of the day on December 15.

The European mix’s domination began from the very first rounds of Nuke, where Brollan and torzsi dominated the Yard. Around the middle of the map, Heroic made some nice afterplants and successful rushes on A, but all of these were not enough to turn the tides of battle. MOUZ quickly regained control and more or less comfortably glided to a victory with a stable 13-7 lead on the map.

Mirage, the second map, turned out to be quite similar. Heroic once again recorded some nice rounds, but those were way too few and far between to have a substantial impact on the outcome. It was MOUZ’s siuhy joining torzsi who dominated the scoreboard at the end of the map, which ended with an even more devastating 13-5.

Heroic Has Been Through a Lot Recently

Perhaps Heroic’s exit from the event should come as no surprise to anyone, considering the turmoil the organization has been through in the past few months. Heroic removed their star player CadiaN a couple of months ago, which started a landslide, leading to the rebuilding of the roster. Not long after that, Heroic benched Stavn and Jabbi amidst rumors they had been in talks with Atsralis. These turned out to be true a couple of weeks ago when Astralis signed Stavn and Jabbi to their CS2 lineup.

But changing roster compositions will not be the only problem that Heroic will have to be watching out for, as the organization will soon have to look for a new coach. This is because earlier this week Richard “⁠Xizt⁠” Landström announced he will be leaving Heroic after the end of the current event.

Now that the tournament has ended for the organization, the coach said a few words to praise the team. “I started in Stockholm and it’s been a lot of fun. It’s been a rollercoaster, we could have won a few more events but I’m so proud of the boys,” he explained. “We went from onliners, and went on to play some really impressive CS on the big stages.”

It’s been a tumultuous end of the year for Heroic, but perhaps the upcoming 2024 will bring more luck to the organization.

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