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Published: December 1, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Complexity took the early lead but dropped it in the middle of the match
  • Torzsi and xertioN were crucial for MOUZ success
  • MOUZ’s next opponents are FURIA in a match for a playoff spot

In a game that saw two of the top five Counter-Strike 2 teams in the world face each other, MOUZ eliminated Complexity from Elisa Masters Espoo after a highly contested match.

MOUZ Defeat Complexity

Elisa Masters Espoo is quickly moving forward to its finals on Sunday and more and more teams are being eliminated from the tournament. Complexity, however, is one of the organizations that will not be able to win the $ 100,000 grand prize as they were eliminated by MOUZ in a heavily contested game. They join the likes of Fnatic who were also eliminated from the event yesterday by ENCE in another 2-1 match.

Considering both teams are two of the world’s top five, the match was fittingly intense, with both decider games ending with just a couple of rounds of difference. “It was pretty crazy actually, especially the Inferno game,” MOUZ’s Dorian “xertioN” Berman said after the match. “We joked about it outside, it kind of felt a bit like a FaZe game, it looks like you are playing really terribly and suddenly you win every round and all the clutches.”

Speaking of the match, if one judged it only by the first map, they would think that Complexity would run away with the victory. The majority American team dominated on Overpass, keeping a stable lead ahead to eventually win the map 13-7.

This domination continued with even greater ferocity as the map switched to Inferno, where Complexity strung together many rounds to get to just two points away from victory with the score reading 11-3. However, at this point, MOUZ woke up and started narrowing the large gap. Dorian “⁠xertioN⁠” Berman and Ádám “⁠torzsi⁠” Torzsás were crucial for this as a couple of late clutches allowed MOUZ to continue their comeback. Complexity must have been so shocked by this as they could not respond at all, allowing MOUZ to string a whopping ten rounds in a row, which resulted in the European side taking Inferno 13-11.

Ancient was about to be the decider of the game and it started with a dominating T-side plat from MOUZ, who put eight rounds to their name. However, as the sides switched, the American-majority team looked to recover in the second half, courtesy of two big rounds from Jonathan “⁠EliGE⁠” Jablonowski in the pistol round.

But despite their efforts, Complexity needed just a bit more to completely turn the tides, and their opponents managed to steal the map 13-10 and wrap up the game 2-1. Once again, 21-year-old torzsi’s performance helped MOUZ regain the initiative and the Hungarian finished the match with an impressive 1.44 rating on Ancient.

With this victory, MOUZ moves on to play against Brazilian team FURIA in a match that will decide which one of the two will proceed to Elisa Masters Espoo’s playoffs on Sunday, December 3.

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